August 1, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 3

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl ????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 3

(I’ll deal with you)

Juliet’s POV

“I need a massage,” I said and I could see the shock on his face , I guess this is his first time.

“I’m not going to do that coz it’s not my business,” he said rudely but without removing my legs .

“Why are you being stubborn? It doesn’t suit a handsome man like you,” I said and smiled inwardly.

“OMG! You’re blushing,” I squealed and he looked away smiling , well I’m getting him .

” I’m not,” he tried defending himself.

“Then look at me,” I said and he looked at me but quickly looked away.

“You look cute when you’re shy ,” I said mockingly and I could see that he was no longer comfortable.

I guess I’m going to enjoy the trip because im not going to stop teasing him till he loosen up and start dating.

“Just stop it ,” he growled and I was startled a bit .

“Let’s make a deal first,” I said and he gave me a stern look .

“Which is?” He asked with an arched brow.

“This,” I said pointing at my legs which were still on his laps .

“I told you to remove your legs ,”

” Just give me a massage and I will stop teasing you,” I said with a smirk.

“So you were teasing me intentionally?” He asked.

“Maybe,” I said shrugging my shoulders .

“Okay but I don’t know how to do it ,” he said and I laughed.

“Just do what you always see others doing,” I said.

“But I haven’t been to a massage before,” I was so surprised, I mean a rich guy who lives a luxurious life like him have never had a massage before?

“You’re so unbelievable!” I exclaimed.

“I know,” he said and I scoffed.

“You’re really weird,”I said and he rolled his eyes.

“That’s non of your business,” he said.

“It’s part of my job because I’m here to keep you company,” I said.

“Who said that I need your company?”

“Your mom obvious,” I said smiling but he suddenly smacked my legs from his laps.

” Why are you doing this?” I asked with a frown.

” Because I thought you need force coz you failed to understand a simple thing,” he said looking away and I was really angry.

“Let this be the first and last you’re doing this,” I said sternly.

“Only if you stay on your lane and stop disturbing my peaceful life,” I didn’t know that he can be rude sometimes but he’s just inviting trouble for himself.

“I’ll deal with you,” I threatened him and he looked at me shocked but I looked away smirking.

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