August 2, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 4

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl ????

Written by Feathers

(Do you have philaphobia?”

Episode 4

Romeo’s POV

I’m going to be living in hell all because of my mom. I was too busy to the extent that I forgot that I needed a lady to escort me to Australia.

Now I’m here with this stubborn girl who is always treating me like I’m just her little brother whom she can insult whenever she feel like.

I used to spend my time in the plane working online but this girl’s existence is a big problem because I failed even to work for a minute.

As soon as the plane landed, I stood up and went to the car which was already waiting for us at the airport.

” Are you going to leave me behind?” She asked but I kept mute.

“I’m talking to you ,” she said grabbing my hand .

“Let me go,” I said looking at her hands.

“Not until you treat me like your lady,” she said and I chuckled.

“Why would I treat you like one when you don’t deserve to be treated like a lady that you’re not,” I asked mockingly and she scoffed.

“You know you’re supposed to treat me like your girlfriend right so why are you trying to act so stubborn,” she said folding her arms on her chest .

“I’m not the one who hired you and the main problem is I don’t like you,” I pointed out and she burst into laughter, I wonder why she was laughing because I didn’t find anything funny.

“You’re just grumpy yet you’re afraid ladies,” she said but I ignored her.

My bodyguard opened the car door for me and I was shoved aside by Juliet as she got inside before me.

“Ladies first,” she said before popping her chewing gum and closed the door.

This girl is something else , she’s always on my neck making sure that she frustrates me to her satisfaction.

I walked to another side , open the door for myself and got inside.

“You should have opened the door for me first before getting inside,” she said chewing her gum.

“I’m not your bodyguard,” I replied.

“Yes but you’re my boyfriend,” she said and I looked at her in disbelief.

“As far as I remember I don’t have a girlfriend,” I said and she giggled.

“Stop denying,” she said and I looked away.

“Do you have philaphobia?” She asked and to say I was shocked is an understatement because I didn’t expect a question like this.

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