August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 52 And 53

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 52
Harry’s POV
I carried her in bridal style and dropped her on the couch.
‘Don’t leave me alone, please. If you leave I’ll follow you,’ she mumbled in her sleep.
This the same person crying I should go to the market now she doesn’t want me to leave. Should I divide myself into two?
She turned on the couch and almost fell making her wake up.
She sprang out of us chair and jumped on me like I could disappear.
‘I thought you left me,’ she said in tears.
I hope she isn’t going to cry this way for nine months because seeing her cry makes me sick.
She hugged me tightly like her life depended on me.
‘I can’t leave you baby, okay. I brought the raw mangoes and ice-cream for you,’ I said and she smiled. I went upstairs and called Glenn because I need to attend a business meeting.
She came in almost immediately like she was just waiting for me to call.
‘She has turned into a cry baby, don’t worry if she starts crying,’ I said.
‘Okay, take care,’ she said as I walked to my car and drove away.
I’m happy am going to be a father and also happy because I had just been given a project and am going to finalize the paper work. Good news after good news.
After everything in the office, I went to the hall. My mind wasn’t there filly but I managed. I walked outside the hall and drove home. I miss my baby, so much.
I want to hold her, kiss her and tell her how much I love her. She is so sweet. I got inside the house and she was sleeping on Glenn’s lap.
‘Continue, I have a date and I can’t keep my boyfriend waiting for another minute,’ she said removing her head slowly not to wake her up.

Harry’s POV
‘Take care,’ I shouted as she ran to her car and drove off.
I turned to meet my crying Sofia.
‘She’s leaving,’ she said still crying.
‘But am here,’ I said and she nodded.

Eight months later
Lily’s POV
‘Can you do me a favour?’ I asked running my hand down his chest.
‘Anything for you?’ Nick said.
He is the boss who took me in, taught me how to fight and I need backup to get revenge.
‘I need to get back at my sister. She took everything from me, sent me to jail,’ I said feigning annoyance.
‘How am I to do to help?’
‘She is almost due and I want to take the baby. I know she will delivering in Harry’s hospital,’ I said ruefully.
‘Why Harry’s hospital?’
‘She’s his girlfriend,’
‘What! Nobody crosses his part, he can skin you alive,’
‘I need revenge, just help me out, please,’
‘Okay, but once you get the baby, you leave the country. Not in the hospital, though. I’ll plan you go to her house and take,’ he said and I smiled.
‘Thank you,’
‘I don’t take that, you know how to make up for the favour,’ he said and walked upstairs.
Harry’s POV
I was in the kitchen preparing food when I heard screams from the sitting room.
‘My baby,’ she kept on screaming touching her stomach.
‘The water broke,’ she said pointing at her dress.
I felt frustrated not knowing what to do. Just hold on I will take you to the hospital.
I helped her stand up buy she couldn’t walk. I carried her to the car and drove crazily to the hospital while she kept on crying. Seeing her in pain makes me go crazy.

That Should Be Me. Episode 54 And 55
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