July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 1

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The Power Of Love. Episode 2

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????????????Episode 1????????????

Let’s Begin

“Mirabell, where are you going all dressed up like this?” Flora asked casting a thorough suspicious look at her only daughter.

Mirabell got shocked immediately on hearing her mother’s voice. She was not expecting her to leave her room too soon. Already, she heard her mother discussing Jovially with her father inside their room and she considered it as a perfect opportunity to sneak out of the house.

Too bad ,her mum caught her before she could open the door . She began to panick like a child caught red-handedly in the act of stealing meat from the pot of stew.

“i …i …i… was thinking of going….” she could finish up her floundering reply when her mother cut in in an acute anger “going where???”

“um to my friend’s birthday party” she replied with fear

“Mirabell, didn’t i warn you against leaving this house at night ?” the older woman asked

“But she have invited me and i promised never to disappoint her” the girl pleaded

“Why are you always stubborn? You are not going to any party this night so get back to your room and sleep!” Flora yelled.

There was an obvious look of disappointment on her face , she ran back to her room immediately and once she had shut the door behind her , she began to cry her eyes out.

She had desired so well to be in the party with her friends but her parents are always strict. They won’t allow her to leave the house come to talk of allowing her to attend a birthday party.

Was she going to cry her self out through out the night? No, sooner she stopped crying and started making plans on how to attend that party that very night.

She looked around for a clue and found out she haven’t locked her window. It was then that an idea crossed her mind.

Quickly, she took her hand bag and jumped over the window.

Now she is out side the house, another problem was how to leave the gate with out being noticed. With out wasting much time, she came
up with a perfect plan. She pleaded with the gate keeper to let her out.

At first , the man refused because that will surely put his job in jeopardy.

Later still, he agreed when she had
squeezed some cash in to his hand promising to give him more when she returns. That was how she left her house to the party that very night.

At the party, every thing was going so well and smooth.

It was luxuriously planned with lot of
resplendent decoration. Betty her friend was the only daughter of her parents that is why they decide to throw a big party for birthday.

Mirabell sat beside Owen her boi as they drank soft drink together. He was very handsome and cute in his black-suited suit and he appeared
more like a gentleman than he is.

He had started courting her right from the first day she joined the college. Actually, he was the one that placed more pressure on her to attend the birthday party.

There was some thing in his mind
which he had always wanted from her and he believed that was the very perfect day to demand it.

“Mirabell, i really want to tell you some thing”

“What’s it” she said with a puppy-eyes

“i love you”

“Thanks i love you too” she said glaring at him.

“I have a surprise for you” he said touching her hand slowly

“Wow, i love surprises. Go ahead and show me, i can’t wait” she exclaimed in excitement.

“Come with me.” he said as he stood up.

She stood as well and he held her hand and then led
the way out of the writers camera
(forgive me, i can’t follow the two love birds to know what they were up to. There is some one
very important in the vicinity. Lets talk about him)

* * * * *
Harry was not a party type. He don’t fancy going to night clubs and other stuffs like that. His best friend Luke was always on his best to tag him
along when ever he has a party to attend just like in the present case.

He just accepted to be in Betty’s birthday party because of his friend
relentless plea and again because he knew that his crush will be in the party too.

His friend Luke was busy flirting with his girl friends while He sat
alone drinking.

This was another reason why he hated these kind of gatherings.

To add salt to his injury, his
crush sat with her boo in a round table next to him and it irritated him so much seeing them on a romantic mood holding hands together.

With that, he hated being from a poor background. He wished that his parents were rich, he would have approached her a long time
ago and apply for her heart. But being the last son of a Local Brick-layer made matters worse.

He just could not afford to speak to her because he feels he is not worthy enough to associate with a rich girl like her.

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The Power Of Love. Episode 2

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