July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 2

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????????????THE POWER OF LOVE????????????
❤️????????Episode 2????????❤️

Soon harry could no longer stand the irritation of staring at his crush and her boo in a romantic mood.

He just stood and went over to where Luke was sitting with the company of two girls.

“Hey man wassup? I hope you have been having a hell lot of fun?”
Luke asked jovially on seeing him.

“Not even a beat! This place is damn boring. Hell should be more lively that here.” He muttered with a frown face.

“Just find your self a beautiful lady to keep you company and you will really enjoy the party.” Luke said.

“No, thanks. Am not interested.”


“Because I don’t like this place. I would have preferred a night vigil than this party.”

“Come on dude, don’t talk like that. Its because you don’t have a bae.”
Luke said making face at him.

“What ever , I will just wait for you near the car pack.” Harry said as he started to walk away.

“Okay then.” Luke blurted

“its as if your friend don’t like flirting.” Lorita said.

“Yea , he’s some sort of Christian guy. Any way, it’s his life not mine
oo. Can we continue enjoying the party?” Luke asked shoving Harry’s topic by the side.

“Sure!!!” The two girls chorused.

Harry walked distance away from the vicinity where he could barely hear the sound of the music from the building .

He preferred staying there in that dark place all alone than to be looking at people who were enjoying the wonderful moment with their lovers.

Shortly after sitting down on a scrap, he heard foot steps approaching and chuckling all together.

It’s obvious he could tell that it was a male and afemale.

Well he didn’t bother to know what they were doing in an isolated place like that because it was none of his business.

He was just bent on finishing the bottle of drink he had on his hand. But then he listened to them carefully.

“I’m still waiting for the surprise…”

He heard the female say. Its obvious they did not know some one else was listening to them.

Harry could see the silhouette of the male going so closer and closer to the female and then engaged her in a kiss on the lips.

In few seconds, the Lady pulled out and said looking some how disappointed

“Is that the surprise?”

“Yea , I love you so much with all my heart.” The male said.

“I know but you shouldn’t have dragged me all the way to this lonely place.

I thought it’s agigantic surprise.” She said.

“You love me right?” The male voice asked

“Yes.” She replied and immediately.

He engaged her into another round of kiss this time more deeper and passionate.

At length , he began to tough her in the sensitive parts of her body.

And with that, she pulled out again and said, “Owen please Stop! We can’t do this . It’s abruptly illegal.” The female said.

“But you love me and I love you. So It’s not illegal. Mirabell , you’ve taken all over me. I can’t control my self again…” The guy said.

It was then at the mention of the name MIRABELL that Harry took a meticulous look and saw it was really his crush and her boo that was trying to act a porn movie before him.

“I am sorry , I got to go before we do a mistake that will ruin our life.” Mirabell blurted out as she turned to leave.

He held her hand and said, “It’s not a mistake that we fell in love with each other and it’s not going to be a mistake that we made love to each other. I assure you that there’s going to be not a single problem. You will enjoy it.”

By now he was trying to unzip her dress but she didn’t give in.

She tried walking out on him but he dragged her back with force and threw her to the ground then he coarsively climbed on her while she shouted for help.

He covered her mouth with his hand to prevent her from making further noise so as to avoid attracting attention.

All these while , Harry was still watching the scene.

Is he going to sit there and watch the brat get his way into the young innocent girl?

Hell no, he won’t forgive himself if that should happen.

Owen was almost through pulling off his trousers when he received a punch on his left jaw

“Come on get off her you son of the bitch!” Harry yelled

Owen turned out to be very furious at he who had punched him most especially when he realize he was a no class Harry. So he stood immediately to retaliate on the blow he had received.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Darling, I can’t find our daughter any where in the house.” Flora complained to her husband bitterly.

She had checked the whole house, there was not a trace off her.

“Are you serious?” Gavin asked looking curious

“Do i look like some one who is not serious?” The troubled woman said
With that Gavin jumped up from the bed immediately and just then his phone rang, the number wasn’t stored in his phone.
More over he picked it up wondering who it could be.

“Hello, hope I am speaking to Chief Gavin?” a voice said from his phone.

“Yes , who are you and what can i do for you?” He asked.

“I am inspector Sam. Your daughter is in the police station right now…”

Hmmmm. Trouble has come.

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