July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 3

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????????????Episode 3????????????

“Hello, hope I am speaking with Chief Gavin?” a voice said from his phone.

“Yes , who are you and what can i
I do for you?” He asked curiously

“I am inspector Sam. Your daughter is here in the police station right now…”

“‘What!!!! What happened?” Gavin screamed

She was caught in a scandal at a party.

“I think you should hurry down to the police station for more details.” The caller said and then the call was disconnected

“What is that? Did it have to do with our daughter?” Flora asked curiously.

“The Police Inspector said that she is in the police station”

“What happened? How possible? Someone I thought should be sound asleep in her room?” She asked being perplex

“Let’s be going to the station” Stuttered as he pick up his car key on the table.

And then left the room as his wife followed behind.

¤ ¤ ¤

“You are a bunch disgrace!” Gavin screamed at his daughter after being brushed up with the information he needed to know.

She was just sobbing

“So you stubbornly left the house even after my strict warning? Jeez I can’t believe this!”

Flora shouted as well “You deserve to stay here for two weeks, in fact when ever this repeat itself again, you will rot in cell.”

The old man screamed taking his mischievous daughter by the hand leading the way out of the station.
Half way she stopped, despite the fact that her father was holding her firmly.

“What’s wrong with you? Will you get going!” Gavin shouted at her more streams of tears flowed down her cheeks. She had formally lost her voice but later found it back because some thing was really bothering her and she has to say it out.

“Dad please, I know I am blame-worthy of everything. I know I should have listened. Just like you have said, I deserve to rot here. I don’t care whatever punishment that may come along with my behaviour because I deserve it, even if you want to kill me.

You are free.

But you all should have compassion on Harry. He is innocent. I was almost raped if not for his intervention. I don’tknow if his parents can afford to pay for his bailout. He is already going through enough right now. Please you should bail him instead so he can go and treat his injury while i remain.” She said her heart.

“Stupid girl! You are not ashamed that two boys fought themselves with weapons over you.” Flora remarked

“Let that brat bail himself who cares if he rot here!” Gavin said angrily towing his daughter along.

Few steps later , his wife said to him, “but darling, I think what she said was right. Let’s bail the young boy. He ended up here with those injuries on his body because he tried saving our daughter”

Gavin thought for some seconds on what his wife had said and realise it was true.

He summoned the two ladies to wait at the car while he went back to the station to do what they had demanded.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Luke never left the police station until is friend was released, he had been blaming himself for his friend’s predicament. If he hadn’t dragged him to come along, may be this would have been prevented.

He recalled how it happened two hours ago.

Harry had told him that he wasn’t comfortable in the party, he preferred waiting for him at the car pack and he accepted. Some minutes later, he was trying to kiss Ella who was one among the two girls but then some thing happened.

There was a commotion outside and people inside was rushing out to know what was happening. He did the same.

There was a crowd outside that he was unable to see the scene.

So therefore he has to force him self in between the crowd to see his bestfriend soaked with pool of blood as the policemen dragged him to their van along side with the famous Mirabell and her lover.

With that, he grew crazy and perplex.

He ran down the police station with the determination never to leave that place without his best friend.

As God may have it, Chief Gavin paid for his bailout and they got going immediately.

“How on earth did you get into a fight with that bloody sl*t?” Luke asked.

“I was just defending Mirabell.” Harry retorted

“Defending her? Isn’t she his girl friend? Tell me what happened in fact” Luke requested.


Chai poor Harry. If i wasn’t busy with my video camera, i would have helped him deal with that stupid Owen.Well thank God i did not o, i would have ended up in the police station too.


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