August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 82

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 82

Jenny POV

Trina grabbed hold of his collar and raised him off his feet I could see the look of fear on his face.

“Please put me down am scared of heights” he pleaded

Sawyer came outta the dark. His eyes widened in surprise

“You!!  What did I do to you?  Please tell her to put me down” he said

“Let’s just get this straight, I believe you remember her ” I said pointing towards sawyer

He nodded

“I believe you work here and am sure you know everything that happened tonight, who sent you” I said  while Trina growled making him scared the more.

“Please spare me ion know anything I was just doing my job” he said teary

“For the last time who sent you ” I said as Trina twisted his hand making him groan in pain.

“Fine stop I will talk please stop ” he said crying

“Start talking ”

“I was at my duty post attending to customers when this dude with bitch black hair approached

“He requested I drug a random guy that he is gonna pay me triple my earnings here, he didn’t disclose his name to me I had no choice than to do it cause I needed the money badly. He gave me your cellphone number and asked me to send you a text indicating Miguel’s name

“When he was sure Miguel was tipsy he hired a girl to have sex with him to make it look like he did it intentionally
Swears ion know anything else  please don’t hurt me ” he said

“Wait this guy can you describe him” sawyer asked

“Yes he is tall, as a piercing on his left eyebrow, a skull tattoo on his left forearm and he has a write up tattoo on his right arm” he said

Wait that description fits joe. No it can’t be him.

Sawyer’s POV

Omg he just described joe, everything he said matches that of joe

“Okay Trina let him go ” jenny said

As he ran towards the exit

“Why would joe do something like that ” jenny asked

“Like seriously ion know what to believe anymore, how could he do such a thing?  I can’t believe I slapped Miguel knowing well how much he hates it” I said sadly

“Its not your fault dear, I hope he forgives you ” jenny said rocking my back.

“I need to see him right away” I said
And walked hurrily to the road.

Never thought I would be at his house again.

I got in everywhere was quiet maybe they are out

I took the stairs to his room where I had lamentation

I pushed his door open and found him kneeling on the floor looking disorganized, he looked messy

is this what my love turned him into??

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