June 20, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 85

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 85

Sawyer’s POV

I…. Erm actually I went to see jenny’s cousin Trina whose cat died yesterday ” I lied scratching my neck

She looked at me for a while without saying anything before walking out

Ptweew that was a relief

I better call jenny. I dialed her number which picked on the second ring

????baby girl” she said

???? jenny!!! “I squeak
???? jeez someone is so excited, mind telling me why you so happy today “she asked

???? guess girlfriend ” I said with a loopside smile
???? nah ain’t good at guessing just tell me” she said

???? I made you with Miguel ” I said happily

????aww my baby is happy, I wish you continue to be this happy always,have always knew you still love him” she said laughing I scoff

???? whatever babe we gonna talk later wanna shower ” I said and hang up
I was about dropping my phone when a resounding slap landed on my face.

I turned it was mom, she had never raised her hands to hit me before. I must have offended her pretty bad

“Mom” I said as tears threatening to fall

“Don’t You dare call me mom, huh how dare you lie to my face” she said with fury

“What are you talking about mom” I asked

“I thought I warned you never ever to go close to that good for nothing boy huh” she yelled at me.

“But I love him mom, you can’t choose who am gonna love its my life not yours ” I said angrily as another slap landed on my

“Shut up!!! What do you know about love huh how dare you raise your voice at me” she yelled almost hitting me

“No go on hit me again, go on mom slap me again ” I said as tears stream down my face.

“I forbid you from meeting Miguel and that’s final” she said

“Never mom you can’t do that, I love him and he loves me too whatever happened is not his fault mom please just let it be” I said boldly

“Sawyer!!!! Don’t ever question my authority or else!! ” she said and walked away

I slumped on my bed and sobbed holding my pillow tightly

Am not letting go of Miguel ever again

I love him so much I would give my life up for me not even mom can stop me

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