July 28, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 130

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He And Her V.

Episode 130

^ Camilla^

Tucker and I went home the following day , I stepped down with my baby in my hand.

I looked to Tucker’s face with happiness filling my heart to the brim.

We walked in slowly and on getting to the living room ,Grace came into view from the stairs and approached us.

She looked into my hand and looked into my face.

She then looked into Tucker’s face. “Where …did you see the new born baby?” Grace asked.

Tucker giggled. “Check Camilla’s belly?”

She did and furrowed her brow.

“Camilla! You gave birth ? ”

“Yes.” I replied smiling.

Her face turned sour as I had expected. She really tried to fight her current state but her real emotions were betraying her.

She was trying so hard to at least form a dry smile on her face but her face just remained sour and one needs no one to tell her that she’s so sad that I gave birth.

She looked to my face all of a sudden, her face was Stern and strong.

“You lied to me!”

I chuckled and carried the baby very well. “I do not know if that is lie or not. All I know is that I’m being smart.”

“You are being smart ,right? ” She asked like someone getting angry.

“But Grace , why are you acting this way? Aren’t you happy that I give birth to the child?”

“Of course.” She looked at the baby and stretched her hand to receive the baby to which I willingly hand over to her.

She looked into the baby’s face and said ; “She’s very beautiful.”

“Thanks ,Grace ” I said looking at her and the baby.

She nodded and looked at me ,her smile faded away again and she suddenly took the baby and ran towards the kitchen

“What’s that?” I asked Tucker and Tucker ran after her quick while I did the same.

My days! What did she want to do with my baby. By the time I arrived at the kitchen, I had seen her with a knife.

She was raising it up and threatening Tucker not to come closer.

“Grace ! What has come upon you?” Tucker asked not moving closer.

“Are you asking that? I can’t be alive and watch Camilla give birth,Never!” She said.

“But calm down ,Camila is your friend. ” Tucker said.

“No, she’s not.”

“Take it easy Grace , whatever it is you are unsecured about is not worth killing an innocent new born baby.” Tucker tried to stop her from doing what he thinks she’s about to do.

“Yeah, I’m about to kill the baby.” She said and I yelled.

“Grace! Please don’t touch my baby.” I cried and tried to run to her but I fell in the process.

Tucker bent and tried to make me stand but I was weak ,I’m a weakling woman that had just put to bed. I still need some rest and needed to take some pills to be strong.

“Grace ,see what you caused? You may end up killing both the mother and the child …this is evil.” Tucker said. “You’ve killed enough ,just stop this. If it is my love that you want ,you have it. But stop killing people.”

“You!” Grace said referring to Tucker. “You never liked to see my daughter ,you maltreat her. I’m pretty sure that by the time this baby began to grow ,you will concentrate all your attentions ,love and care on him and forget about my daughter forever. ” She said.

“Common Grace.” Tucker said and stood from me. I watched as he threw his hands up in the air and went close to Grace.

“Don’t come close to me.” She yelled but Tucker didn’t listen,instead ,he kept approaching Grace.

Tucker kept approaching her and suddenly; right before me ,she hit the baby with knive in his stomach.

The baby’s cry seized as blood splash to the floor. She threw the dead body of the baby on me and held the knives filled with blood while panting heavily like an hungry lion.

Tucker’s face dropped and he came to look at the dead baby on me. I cried out loud as I held my baby tightly.

I shook the baby like my grip and shout will wake him , tears were falling heavily off my face like an angry rain and I felt like my world is finally over.

I feel like getting a gun and shooting my head right now ,what else am I living for?

I watched as Tucker lay with his chest to the floor, groaning heavily. He was pouring his utmost sadness to the earth.

Life had really prepared the worst for us.

“Camilla ,common! Common, open your eyes ” I heard and opened my eye.

It was a dream.


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