August 1, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 4

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(episode 4)
In the morning, I woke up very early in the morning and I woke my friends up, we prayed before going downstairs to prepare the salad.
Stella: ehm victoria, I think you should call your driver now and remind him of coming early.
Victoria: Blessing please carry that my phone for me. (She collected her phone and unlock it) oh he just sent me a text now
Me: what did he say?
Victoria: he said that he is at the gate now
Joy: in that case let carry the bags downstairs at once
We took the bags downstairs and gave it to the driver and he put them in the car and drove back to the hotel that he check in.
Esther: Loretta, you need to be very careful with your step-mum
Stella: I think you are right because we don’t know her next plan, she might want to poison you as soon as possible
Me: who no love life, before you girls advise me, I have already advise myself, I have made up my mind not eat anything that comes from her.
Blessing: good.
We went to the kitchen and prepare the salad and after that we cook the rice.
Everything was moving on so well, when it was time to read the biographic,
I went and read it with tears rolling down my chicks, I couldn’t control myself,
when I finished reading I went and sat with my friends before they took my dad to the cemetery,
the whole and the villagers contributed money for me, we went to the cemetery bury my father.
I saw my step-mother crying .she even cry more than me
no wonder they a thief can steal your money and still help you to look for the money like wise a murderer, she killed my father and cry so bitterly,
just look at the way she cry as if she didn’t want my dad to die,
when we came back from the cemetery we started serving people drinks and foods after that me and my friends went into my room to count the money that people contributed for me.
I tried to open my door but it was lock then I ask
Me: who lock my room?
Victoria: just look the way you are asking as if you don’t know that there is food in this room and this room need to be lock always and always especially when we are not around
Stella: if you don’t value your life we do
Esther: don’t you know that your step-mother might enter your room and poison your food?
Joy: so since there is food in this house we ask Blessing to lock the door, Blessing come and open the door
Blessing: is like you want to die easily but we won’t let that happen
She open the door and we went inside I was speechless to see how my friends love so much,
we arrange the money and count it and count it
Blessing: how much is it?
Esther: I arrange five, five hundred and the total is two hundred and sixty five thousand
Victoria: I arrange one, one thousand naira and the total is one hundred and twenty thousand
Stella: mine is two, two hundred and the total is eighty five thousand
Joy: mine is one, one hundred naira and the total is forty thousand
Me: add all of them together
Esther: let me use my phone
Me: don’t worry yourself I know the amount already
Stella: Esther why did you even stress yourself or have you forgotten who she is?
Esther, Victoria, Joy and Blessing:mathematics student
Stella: our dear calculator please tell us how much is it?
Me: point of correction am not a calculator so please don’t call me that next time
Stella: please am sorry I won’t call you again
Me: the money is five hundred and ten thousand (#5, 10000.00)
Victoria: wow you are such a brilliant girl
Esther: what about the ones in brown envelops
Me: it was two envelops from my dad’s companies, one is for me and one is for my step-mum, I have given it to her and she gave me one and took one I don’t know about her own but the one inside my own is four hundred thousand
Esther: and you now nine hundred and ten thousand (#9, 10000)
Me: at least it will take care of my jamb registration and my school fees for sometime
As we were chatting a boy came and called me
Boy: aunty Loretta, your mum is calling you
I wanted to say something but victoria shut me in
Victoria: Loretta please don’t say anything, (turn to the boy) please go and tell her that she’s coming.
The boy left
Joy: Loretta you need to go and see her before she suspect something, don’t worry we are coming with you, she won’t do anything to you when we are with you so let us go
Blessing: and before we go let us carry food along with us
Me: why?
Esther: because we don’t know she might poison a food and call you to come and eat and if you go there without any food, you won’t be able to reject her food, because other women will be there with her
Stella: and if you go there with food, you can tell her that we were eating before she called you, by so doing you can reject her food
We were about to go out
Victoria: you girls should go, let me use the toilet, I will join you shortly.
Stella: ok, please don’t stay long
We left the room and went downstairs and saw my step-mother in the kitchen with five women and she was with food just like my friends predicted,
oh my God, this woman really want to kill me by all means, I don’t why she is this wicked,
I wish she could just faint now and die, just look at the way she is smiling when she saw me coming toward her,
how I wish I can read minds now I could just read what is going on in that her wicked mind God please help me because I don’t want to die now,
just some few hours remaining and I will be out of this house.


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