July 25, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 6

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl ????

Written by Feathers

(Payback time)

Episode 6

Romeo’s POV

I woke up and brushed my teeth before heading to Julies room . I knocked softly on her door.

” Come in ,” she said and I got inside only for me to find her wrapping herself with a short towel.

Her body was dripping wet and her legs were fully exposed . She looked so sexy I admit.

“Good morning and stop staring because I know I’m beautiful and sexy,” she said and gave me a wink .

I can’t believe I was admiring this ugly thing in front of me.

“You wish,” I scoffed feeling a bit annoyed.

“I had just came to wake you up so that we won’t be late but it seems like you’re a bit punctual so let me take my leave ,” I said and I walked out of her room.

I got to my room , took a bath and wore my navy blue three piece suit and a pair of brown shoes . I walked downstairs with my briefcase and I was welcomed by a sweet aroma.

I wonder who cooked because I didn’t hire a chef and I doubt if it’s Julie because she doesn’t seem like someone who know anything about cooking.

I was so surprised to see Julie dishing food for herself.

“You’re the one who cooked?” I asked curiously.

“Yes,” she said.

” Wow so you can cook,”

“No I was just weeding and watering the pots,” she replied rudely .

” Okay so where is my potion?” I asked because I was really hungry and I was going to pass by a restaurant and grab something to eat but I think I’m going to eat home cooked food.

” You have your own hands so I guess you can cook for yourself,” she said and I gasped, how can she expect me to cook when I have never done that since I was born .

“I don’t know how to cook.”

“Then order something for yourself,” she said without lifting her face.

“You’re not serious,” I said.

“I’m more than serious,” she said and I quickly grabbed her plate then ran out of the kitchen. She started screaming and chasing me but I got to one of the bedrooms and locked the door.

She started banging on the door but I ignored her and soon I heard her footsteps and I guess she gave up .

I started eating as fast as possible so that I won’t be late for my first meeting. When I was done I started laughing at myself, I can’t believe I just did this though it was really funny.

I cleaned myself then opened the door to leave not knowing what was installed for me.As soon as I got outside, Julie splashed something on my face and it was stinking.

I wiped my face and looked at myself and saw that my whole body was soaked in a mixture of flour and cooking oil . I lifted my gaze and met the devil herself smiling.

“Payback time,” she said sticking out her tongue abd walked away leaving me in such a mess.

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