July 29, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 7

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl????

Written by Feathers.

(I haven’t started yet)

Episode 7

Romeo’s POV

I changed my clothes and the driver took us to where the meeting was going to be held. Julie kept on looking at me giggling, I guess she was really enjoying what she was doing to me.

“Can’t you be quiet and stop acting like a kid?” I asked feeling annoyed.

“As if I’m talking,” she said and scoffed.

“You’ve been laughing since…”

“So what?” She cut me off.

“Stop it,” I ordered and she giggled.

” You should start applying flour and cooking oil dough on your skin coz it looks better than this,” she said mockingly scanning me from head to toe.

“Are you trying to say that I’m not good looking?” I asked inquisitively.

” OMG! So you actually thought you are a good looking person?” She asked laughing at me.

“Just answer my question,” I said angrily coz she was getting on my nerves.

“Calm down Mr I’m not the one who gave you that ugly scarecrow face,” she replied rudely.

I touched my face and looked at my reflection on my cellphone to see if I’m really ugly like she said . I thought I was the most handsome man ever because ladies kept on drooling whenever they saw me but here she is , the halloween queen mocking me .

I can’t believe she just compared me with a scarecrow , nobody have ever insulted me like this. At this moment I felt so humiliated and she kept on laughing uncontrollably.

I never thought that I will came across a stubborn lady who have the guts to torment me . All the ladies I have ever came across always make sure that they do their best to impress me so that I can notice them but this girl is just unique.

She is always nagging me despite the fact that I’m the one who is going to pay her .

“You are supposed to be treating me like your boss ,” I said giving her a glare but she smirked.

“Why would I when you’re not my boss?” She asked.

“I am coz you’re going to get paid by me.” I said.

“Who said so ? I was paid already.” She said and I looked at her in disbelief.

“Who paid you?” I asked.

“The one who hired me,” she replied smirking again.

“You mean my mom paid you before you have done your job?” I asked .

“Yep, ”

“Then do your job and stop teasing me,” I said.

“I haven’t started yet,” she said and gave me a wink.

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