July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 4

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????????❤️THE POWER OF LOVE❤️????????
????????❤️Episode 4❤️????????

“I was just defending Mirabell” Harry said.

“Defending her for what? Isn’t she his girlfriend? Tell me what happened in fact” Luke inquired.

“Look its not what you think” Harry continued

“He was trying to r*pe her and i couldn’t help it. I can’t sit tight and watch him molest the young girl like that so i had to do something . I rushed to him a gave him a punch on his cheek.”


Owen was very furious to the reason why a no class Harry should summon enough courage to hit him. He rushed to him angrily and tried to punch back. But Harry was fast to dodge it and
threw on him another punch which made him see Red.

He looked around and grabbed a pieces of iron lying on the floor and advanced towards him.

On seeing what was just about to happen, Mirabell couldn’t help but to scream on top of her voice. People heard her but before they could start coming , Owen had stroked the iron bar twice on Harry’s head and he began to bleed serious. That Got him furious also.

He grabbed the bottle of drink he had been drinking from earlier and broke it. He ran forward and stabbed his shoulder.

The two of them would have ended up killing themselves if not that people intervened .

The police were called and the three were arrested immediately and taken to the station.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“That boy is diabolical, you should have just minded your business. Look what you’ve got your
self into” Luke reprimanded after his narration.

“At least, he was more injured than i am” Harry retorted.

“Next time, you won’t be coming to any party with me to avoid this kind of scandal. I feel I am blame-worthy of this event.”


“You are such a disgrace!” Gavin kept screaming at his daughter.

He dropped his keys on the table and collapse on the sofa.

“Get on your knees you ugly thing!” He screamed after stamping his feet hard on the ground.

Mirabell was still weeping , she obeyed her father immediately. Although she was twenty, but they were so fund of treating her as if she was just 10.

“How many times have i been warning you to stay away from boys! ? This is the exact problem we have been trying to avoid!” That was Flora screaming now. Its obvious she’s very angry.

“I am looseing it! This girl is too stubborn and needs to be taught a bitter lesson!” Gavin screamed and with that he took off his belt from his trousers and used it mercilessly on her.

It took Felix who had been sleeping all the while to
come out and intervene unbehalf of his only sister.

After separating his father from his sister standing in between them, he asked surprisingly,
“What’s going on with you guys by this time of the night?” He screamed pointing at the large wall clock which says 3:04 am as its time.

He was surprise at the kind of drama his family was acting at that particular time.

Instead of giving a reply, Chief Gavin took his keys on the table where he had dropped it and headed straight to his room and his wife followed behind leaving the two siblings alone in the parlor.

Mirabell stuck her face to the rug and kept sobbing.

“What is it again little sister?” Felix asked bending down to her.

She did not say a word, she kept sobbing and sobbing.

Felix took her hand to console her and she placed her head on his shoulder and cried freely while he rubbed her back with his palm softly.


“Honey i think its time we tell her the truth” Flora suggested to her husband.
They both has changed into their pyjamas.

“I don’t think its yet the time. We might end up jeopardizing the whole thing” Gavin said in disagreement.

“It’s better we tell her now so she will have it in mind and always put it in consideration before making some of her personal decision.” Flora insisted

“Its irrelevant to tell her now”

“Hey not? sooner or later we will still tell her so she will plan ahead”

“Everything has a time and season. This is just not the right time. When the time comes, we will tell her and its going to be more like a pleasant surprise” the man said.

“I don’t think she will be happy with it when the time you are waiting for comes. But then, you are the man of the house, I ought not to brag shoulders with you.” Flora said submissively

“Am glad you acknowledge that. That’s honestly what keeps us from quarrelling all these years like we are newly married.” The man said making a funny face

“Old man shift jaareh! You are always disgusting” Flora said with smiles as she threw a pillow at her husband.


“I wonder what this secret may be. What could they be hiding from Mirabell?” Felix muttered to himself behind the closed door. He had been ear dropping the conversation of his parents.


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