July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 5

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Good Morning My Dears!
Hope u aa all doing well and great today.
Let’s start our day with this the story.


The next day, Harry was very ill and weak as a result of the open injury he had on his head. Luke being his friend and also room mate was afraid . He therefore took him to the Hospital so that those bruises would be tended to medically by a physician.

Of course , he won’t spend all day with him in the hospital so he left to attain to other activities he has for the day.

Later in the afternoon, he returned to the Hospital with a flask of food to check on his friend. He was really impressed on seeing the improvement on his health.

“Hey man, what kept you so long?” Harry asked on seeing him.

“I have a double class today have you forgotten?” He asked

“Ok, can I start eating? I am famished already” Harry requested.

“Sure!!!” Luke exclaimed . He brought a stool nearer to him and placed the food flask on it then Harry began to devoure the food.

After eating, Luke handed him a letter and then kept staring at him suspiciously.

“Who is this letter from?” Harry asked in a curious anticipation

“Rose. She said I should give it to you.” He replied:


“How am I to know? Nevertheless, she said the letter is actually from her friend Mirabell”

“Mirabell????” Harry screamed opening the letter in a haste and began to read through.

Dear handsome, I just want to thank you for saving me yesternight. You are really a life saver. Infact a Hero if i am not mistaking. I wouldn’t know what will be come of me if you hadn’t intervened.
I am sorry you have to reach the police station for my mistake. I am also sorry that I am the cause of that scary injury you have. I am just looking forward till when I will see you again and appreciate you in person.
Thanks very much.


Harry found himself smiling broadly after going through the letter.

He looked up to Luke who was busy staring at him.

“So what’s the letter all about?” Luke asked

“Will you swear that you haven’t read this letter” Harry asked

“Yes , I haven’t open the letter. How am i to do that when the letter came with a sealed envelope”

“Ok, Mirabell was only thanking me for saving her last night” Harry replied

“Is that all?”


“You know what, i do not trust you in fact.” Luke blurted and next he snatched the paper from him and ran out of the ward.

He returned after a couple of minutes are gone.

“Eow, this is really impressing.” He said on entering the room again

“You are always disgusting i don’t know why.” Harry said faking a frowned face

“Really ?”

“Yes you are”

“I will take that as a compliment” Luke said handing the letter over to him again and then asked, “Mirabell is beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Yes she is, why asking?” Harry asked trying to figure out where he was driving with his question

“And she would make a good girl friend” Luke said again

“Wo where are you getting at?” Harry asked with a questioning look

“Did you love her?” Luke asked finally throwing the bomb shell

“Luke your question is irrelevant!” Harry screamed

“Come on easy we are in the Hospital, we don’t shout in the hospital. Moreover, I am seeing it in your eyes. You Love her , Just Admit it.” Luke cautioned

“Whether i love her or not, its none of your business” Harry said

“Its not something to get upset about, i can help you”

“No, thanks. I don’t need it. And perhaps I don’t have money to maintain girls and i am not ready to depend on any one.” Harry said

“But you love her first of all?” Luke asked again expecting a positive reply

“I have a good news, the Doctor said i would be discharged tomorrow. I can’t wait to get off this hospital. The smell irritates me.” Harry said changing the topic.

“Hmm, I caught you red handedly, you are trying to avoid my question.” Luke said

“Leave that question for another day..”


“So did you give him the letter?” Mirabell asked Rose her closest friend that evening when she came around. She is the only one that is permitted to visit her at her home. Her mother will just frown at any other person that visits her and the fortunate person will never return again so as to avoid seeing that mean face again.



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