June 13, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 6

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????????❤️Episode 6❤️????????

“So did you give him the letter?” Mirabell beaconed from Rose her closest friend that evening when she came around.

She is the only one that is permitted to visit her at her home.
Her mother will just frown at any other person that visit’s her and the fortunate person will never return again so as to avoid seeing that ugly face again.

“No i didn’t, i couldnt find him. I just gave it to his friend who told me he is in the Hospital” Rose replied

“What? Hospital? OMG!” she exclaimed getting up from the bed and began to mutter to her self.

“Oh damn it! look what i have caused the poor boy . I should have just listened to my fastidious mother”

“Mira, you are not to blame. Its all the fault of that devil Owen. I can’t believe he could be so diabolic like that.” Rose said in other to calm her friend down.

“Its all my fault. If i had remained at home, these wouldn’t have happened. He wouldnt have reached the Police station let to talk of entering the Hospital so soon. I pray he will be ok.”

“I pray so. But why are you being too concerned about him?”

“I can’t forgive myself if any thing should happen to him. My conscience will keep bothering me because its all my fault.”

“Don’t worry much, he will be ok. Just focus on yourself and recover. You have been through enough” Rose advised

“Did he made mention on the hospital he was admitted to?” Mirabell asked with a heart-felt concern

“No, i didn’t ask about that” she replied

“You should have asked him about that”


Next two days, Mirabell recovered from the strong headache that attacked her after being beaten up by her father. She went to school and searched for HARRY all around the school (although she didn’t know his name yet) but couldn’t find him.

She was certain that he is a member of that college but she actually did not know his department.

She turned out to be very sad and more so, the way people was talking about the incident that happened two nights ago made her more sad because most of the rumors projected her as a bad person. She was heart broken when he over heard three Ladies discussing together.

One of them was telling the other that the two boys fought themselves because they were dragging on who the real boyfriend is among them both. Another lady argued in protest that she was there in the party ground when it all happened. The two boys fought themselves because the were dragging on who to enter her first.

It was then she noticed she was crying. She quickly cleaned up her eyes and headed towards the gate to leave the school as soon as possible.

Half way, she bumped into someone and she looked up and was surprise to see it was Owen.

“Hi” he greeted putting on his cuitest smile which she found to be irritating

“What is it?” she frowned

“It’s okay if you are angry at me. Its all my fault. I acted like a demon. I did not know what came over me to act like that…please believe me i regret every thing i did.” He said with a cool calm voice

“That’s not the answer to my question? I said what did you want?” She asked looking ultimately mean.

“I want you to find a placed in your heart to forgive me. I promise it would never repeat its self again” He pleaded

She forced an unwilling smile out from her lips as she said, “Is that all? I have forgiven you already?” she said

“Wow! So soon? Thank you very much!” Owen screamed in excitement as he hugged her happily.

With out a waste of time, she broke off from the hug. By now, those fake smiles has disappeared and her face bore the correct description of her feeling.

Nevertheless, she said “But i want you to have it in mind that its over between us”

“But bae, i thought you said you’ve forgiven me?”

“Yes i have, but I’m sorry i can’t move on with you” she replied.

“I love you so much, we can’t break up please”

Owen pleaded as he tried reaching her

“I mean it. Its over Owen” she said.

Tears has began to gather around her eyes so she ran out on him before those tears drops down her cheek.

She ran to a hidden corner and sat on the pavement and began to cry her heart out.

“Mirabell? Why are you crying?” She heard someone asking her from behind.

Little did she know that someone was there already before she
rushed in and began to cry.

She instantly turned immediately to see the handsome figure staring at her in sympathy and with that, Embarrassment took over her melancholious mood because She had never expected to meet him there

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