July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 86

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 86

Miguel POV

I got dressed looking refreshing and happy too, I miss cody so much he is at summer camp in Florida

That little chimp must be making everyone laugh over there

I walked towards sawyer’s house, I was hoping I could apologize to her mum for everything

Just pray she listen to me.

I got to her doorstep and clicked on the door bell.
The door opened revealing an angry mom.

“Yes what do you want young man “she said angrily

“Erm actually ma’am I came to see you ” I said scratching the back of my neck

“Look Miguel I don’t care about what you have to say, I just wanna make one thing clear stay away from my daughter or else you will have your self to blame” she yelled angrily

I went down on my knees immediately

“Please mom am so sorry I would never hurt your daughter intentionally I love sawyer so much ” I said with my palms joined together

“Smiles oh really you love sawyer huh? Okay wait here I will be back let me fetch sawyer ” she said going back in side

I was so happy new thinking she had forgiven me only for her to come back with a bowl of cold water and emptied it content on my body

I gasps for the water was too cold

“Mom what did you do that for “sawyer said rushing to my aid

“That’s just a warning Stay away from sawyer ” she yelled to my face

“Mom that’s enough you have no right to dictate my life or who I choose to love Mom ” sawyer said in between clenched teeth

“Get back here sawyer brown dont upset me” she said

“No mom enough is enough have had to here, its either you forgive and accept Miguel or stand a chance to loose your only child ” sawyer fired

“No sawyer it hasn’t come to that” I tried to say

“Yes it has come to that today I would know if she truly is my mom ” sawyer said with pricking tears ready to fall

“Stop all this trance and get inside sawyer ” she said obviously angry

“Never mom I will only come back in side if you agree to forgive him ” sawyer added

“Sawyer I….

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