June 14, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 87

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 87

Sawyer’s POV

“No Miguel don’t try to stop me” I said

“I can’t forgive him sawyer now get back here” mum said

“Seems you have made your decision mom, just know you just lost a daughter and don’t Even come looking for me ” I said
And dragged Miguel by the arm as we walked away from my house..

We got to his house a short while.
His mom was seated at the living room she saw the sad expression on our face and asked what went wrong.

I told her everything that had happen she was equally sad too and she welcomed me to stay in their house as long as I want.

Such a nice lady,. Immediately I got inside the room she had given me I fell to the ground and cry till my voice faded.

Why can’t she see reasons with me. Maybe she doesn’t love me anymore

She should just let me love who I want
If she truly wants me to be happy


“Am sorry boss, the girl came back with her friends and a beast too, I was threatened I had no option than to tell them what I know but I didn’t disclose your name.. For me boss” he said with a frighten face

I smiled, its not important if you told them my name or not you violated my orders for that you gonna get punished ” I said and brought out my gun and shot him on the head

Yeah I have gun and I promise Miguel is gonna die my my hands

Take him away” I ordered my boys to clean up the dead body and dump it some where it won’t be found easily

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