August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 88

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 88

Miguel POV

Its been weeks and I haven’t seen ruby and joe around
Not that I want them around its just weird tho

I hope they are not planning anything else.

Sawyer has been good company to my mum. Her mom still refuse to change her mind about me

But I won’t give up, I will keep on begging her to forgive me and sawyer

I was still thinking when sawyer walked in with a tray of spaghetti meat balls

Hmm ???? yummy

“Hey hotty ” she teased

“Babe what you gat there “I said trying to take the tray away from her but she out smarted me and took it to the other hand

“Not so fast mister I know you want it so badly, you just have to beg me or else am gonna eat it” she said with a smirk ????

What a crazy girlfriend have got.

Sawyer’s POV

I just love making fun of him, he loves food so much yet he isn’t fat

He should be crown sushi king ????????

“Please baby you know I love you and I also love that food too ???? please give it to me” he said pleading like a kid.

I was forced to laugh at his cute baby face.

Miguel and food God help him tho

He finally got the tray from me and feast on the spaghetti like a hungry shark
While I laughed at him

My laughing face turned to that of sadness when I remembered my mum

I miss her so much but everything is for the best

“What’s wrong baby ” miguel said with concern

“I miss mum even though she is just one block away but I hardly see her” I said as tears roll down my cheeks

My phone buzzed making me look at it. It was a text from someone

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