July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 89

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 89

Sawyer’s POV

It was text from joe, joe? He said help me am trapped.

Why would joe send a distress massage
I looked at him who had an expressionless face suddenly a call entered which I picked up immediately

“Help me sawyer please ” joe whispers

“Calm down joe and talk to me” I said feeling scared already

“Okay am calm but you need to be fast am dying and ion even know where I am” he said

“Try to calm down and tell me where exactly are you “I said

“Ion know but it looks like a railway track is close, I see a tunnel just at the bottom.. I… The line went dead

Oh. No joe

“Miguel we have to do something about it ” I said sadly looking into his eyes

“Hmm how are you sure it isn’t a trick because I know a leopard can never change it spot” miguel said with folded arms

” I know Miguel but we have to he is still family ” I said

I manage to convince him as he got dressed and we leave his house together
I think I know the track he is talking about

We arrived at the rail track minutes later

I found the tunnel in no time

We ran inside every where was dark it was the light at the middle with someone tied to the chair

Oh my goodness its joe

I did the unthinkable by running towards him while Miguel tried stopping

But unfortunately it was a trap as some hefty guys came out of the dark and grab hold of me and Miguel

I heard laughter coming from the dark

“Welcome sawyer well of course Miguel ” he said

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