July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 90

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 90

Miguel POV

Its a trap, I told sawyer but her stubbornness won’t let her

“So nice of you to drop by Miguel, I knew you were gonna come with your darling girlfriend ” joe said coming out of the dark

Wtf!! Two joe I thought that….

“Oh that’s the toy version of me”joe said with a scoff

“Oh spare me the trash you still look ugly and do your animated sef” i said with an eye roll

“How could you joe what have I done to you? ” sawyer said

We we’re tied to a rock solid chair as bright lights shine above us

“Hello brother ” someone said approaching us through the dark

It ruby

“Oh I should have known its a brotherly and sisterly bond reasons why I can never accept you monsters as my family ” I said as a heavy blow landed my stomach

I groaned in pain

“Joe please stop don’t hurt him Just tell us what you want “sawyer shouted at him.

“Shut up bitch “ruby said and slapped her hard across the face, her lips were bursted

My eyes burn with fury as I tried to free myself but it was no use

“Why don’t you untie me let’s fight like men that’s if you up to the tax” I roared at him

“Dont even try that baby boy its no use” joe said with a smirk as he instructed his boys to beat me up with a rod

I was beaten to stupor till became so weak
As blood was all over my face

Sawyer was weeping and begging joe to stop

“Please joe I beg you don’t hurt him I promise to do your biding ” sawyer said still weeping like a child

“Shut the fuck up sawyer you have always known how much have desired you but no you refused me for this weakling” he said with a mocking grin

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