August 1, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 5

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(episode 5)
Step-mum: Loretta my sweetheart (She hug me I felt like killing her now but i don’t have any power to do it, I can’t just look at the way she’s hugging me and the women will think that she love me) sweetheart please stop crying am hear for you, am going to take good care of you, I will be your father and your mother
Woman 1: Loretta, you have a very good step-mother who is willing to stay and take good care of you not like others who will live as soon as the burial is over some live as soon as their husband dies.
Just look at this woman o, I know you are saying all this things because you don’t know my step-mother, she is a green snake in a green grass
Me: thank you very much ma, step aside Stella, mum you sent for me, what is it?
Step-mum: yes my dear, I sent for you, in the morning I cooked something delicious for you, I know you must be hungry by now.
Me: step aside Stella
Stella: why are you telling me to step aside, when am far away from you
Me: am sorry, is just a joke, mum before you sent for me I was eating so I don’t want to eat again and beside am still eating this one (pointing to the food I was holding in my hands)
Step-mum: okay, no problem, when I cooked this food in the morning, these women here said that the food is not sweet please just taste the food and tell them if the food is delicious or not
Me: mum even if I don’t taste your food it always taste nice, don’t mind them the food it delicious, no need for me to taste.
Woman 2: Loretta please we want you to clear our doubt because we are yet to be convince that the food is delicious
Woman 3: please just taste the food and tell us if is delicious or not.
Oh my God, am sure these women are ganging up with my step mum to kill me,
I turn to my friends, they were so scared to speak, Stella was eyeing me not to taste the food,
God please bring a savior to me because if you don’t do it now I will soon die,
anyway if I die I will see my parent again.
Woman 4: what are you waiting for, please just taste the food and tell us please
As I was about to collect the food flask from my step mum, my uncle came in,
oh thank God, I know my uncle will save me from their hands
Uncle: what is going on here, Jesus Christ is only ladies here o, are you people doing August meeting?
Woman 5: oka Benson, we no do August meeting here o, na your brother’s wife cooked white soup for morning, so she been the tell us say the food de sweet well well, so na him we come tell your brother’s child to taste and tell us if the food or not
Uncle: eh eh, Loretta go ahead and taste the food and tell them wetin they won hear and abeg know the kind answer you give them, na your mother ooo, make I dey go, I been won come carry drinks.
My uncle left us and went upstairs, oh my God,
I taught you have sent some one to come and save me so I will die just like that?
Kai, this women are wicked,
so after making a fatherless child, after killing my father,
my only joy and happiness she still want to kill me, hmmm such is life
Me: mum do you really want me to do this, like to taste the food
Step mum: yes, sweetheart please just taste it.
Me: okay mum I will taste the food but please taste it first
Step mum: my dear daughter is not as if I don’t want to taste the food but you see have been tasting different kinds of food, since morning, I don’t want to taste any food again so that I will know the one that will disturb me.
Me: okay, If you really want me to taste the food, I will taste the food, if that will make you happy
I collected the food flask from her hand and open it, I collected the spoon from her dish the soup and took it to my mouth
I was about putting it inside my mouth then I heard Victoria shouting my name
Victoria: Loretta! Loretta!!
Me: yesss
I drop the food I didn’t eat again
Victoria: please come out side now your attention is needed out here
Step mum: Victoria
Victoria: yes ma
Step mum: please come inside
Victoria came inside
Step mum: what is it
Victoria: ma some people are here to see Loretta and they need her right now
Me: mum am coming let me just go and meet them I will come back (turn to Victoria) let go, where are they
Victoria: they are outside
I left my step mum in the kitchen and went out with my friends,
Oh God thank you so much, when we went outside
Me: Victoria, where are the people?
Victoria: no body is looking for you, when out from the toilet to come and meet you girls, I saw your step-mum trying to give you food to taste, I wanted to come and call you out but I saw your uncle going toward the kitchen I taught he will go and save but he didn’t that was why I had look for a way and save you, so the only that came across my mind was to call you out
Stella: oh my God, girl you are so brilliant
Blessing: me I was so scared, I thought we are going to lose you
Esther: Jesus, when I saw you taking the food to your mouth my heart started beating faster
Joy: I nearly fainted when I saw you taking the food to your mouth
Me: Victoria, you really save me, am so grateful, thank you very much
Victoria: you are welcome, now girls please go into her room pack your things we are going now before that wicked woman kills her.

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