July 30, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 6

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Loretta. Episode 7
Loretta. Episode 5

(episode 6)
Victoria: you are welcome, now girls please go into her room pack your things we are going now before that wicked woman kills her, and please don’t even tell that wicked woman that we are going
Stella: who will even tell her
Victoria: good, just pack your bags and mind me and Loretta will wait for you girls outside, (turn to me) loretta let go now, let wait for them outside the compound
Me: okay, Blessing please check that my wardrobe you will see one small bag inside, open the bag and bring the money that is inside for
Blessing: aright, please start going before she comes out
me and Victoria went out side the compound, then Joy, Esther, Stella and Blessing went inside to pack their things. We waited for them for a long time but they didn’t come so we had to go and seat inside Victoria’s car after some minutes, they came out, put their things inside the car boot then they enter the car and Victoria’s driver drove off, I sat at the front with Victoria while the rest of my friends sat at the back, as we were going on the way I decided to ask them what took them so long to come out
me: Stella, what really happen, that you people took so long to come out?
Victoria: as if you read my mind, I was about asking them too, now tell us what really happended?
Stella: is it not your wicked step mother that was asking some stupid questions
Victoria: like?
Esther: like, please where is Loretta:
Joy: have you girls seen her?
Blessing: are you girls going now?
Stella: that woman is something else
Me: it ok, em Blessing please give me the money I told you to bring for me
Blessing: oh my God, I forgot the money on the bed, please am so sorry
Me: Jesus Christ, how could you forgot such a huge amount of money on my bed, I guess by now my step-mother would have seen it and pick it
Victoria: how could you people be so carless to forgot that kind of money
Joy: abeg make we hear word, small joke wey Blessing play una, una de shout, take your money jare
She gave me the money and they started laughing
Esther: after una go say I too like money, just look at the way they shouted just because Blessing told them that she forgot the money on the bed
Stella: na wao, you no see as I no fit talk, see the way two of them were getting angry, chai, money you get power I dey cut cap for you oo
Me: abeg no play that kind play again o
Victoria: Jesus Christ the joke self is too expensive, make una no de do that kind expensive joke again
We laugh, I like their company, the always make me happy especially Blessing like joking an expensive joke soon we reach Joy place
Joy: are we here already?
Esther: no we are there already, idiot come on go down jare fat girl
Stella: see you, na who you de ask that kind question? Abi you no want commot
Blessing: she de enjoy A.C car, she no won go down
Stella: Joy please go down na so that there will be enough space for us
Joy: abeg make I hear word, I de go down
She is still seating inside the car
Victoria: Joy are you not going down again
Me: i wonder o, see the way she’s struggling to go out of the car
Victoria: when I told you to stop licking butter that you are getting fat, you think am lying
Joy: abeg no de tell me anything , I de go down, Victoria thank you, please driver open the boot for me make I remove my things, slim people make una go well o
All: fat baby bye
She removed her bag from the boot then the driver drove off, we reach Blessing and Esther place
Blessing: Victoria thank you very much, we will talk later on phone, Loretta take care of yourself
Me: alright I will
Esther: victoria thank you, please take good care of Loretta, Loretta bye
All: bye
Stella: now I can occupy this back alone
I came down from the car and join Stella at the back seat when I wanted to enter she refuse to shift for m e
Me: ah ah Stella you no won shift for me, abeg shift for me make I seat, you want to occupy this back seat alone
Stella: oh oh why you come seat for back na, I been won sit for this back alone
Me: you been won sit for this back alone, why you no go buy your own car?
We laugh and soon we reach Stella’s place and drop her, soon we reach Victoria’s house. Their house is also beautiful and big too, we drove in, she came down, it was already evening, the driver and the gateman helps us to carry our bags inside straight to Victoria’s room, inside the house looks like small heaven on earth, we were about to climb the stairs when three ladies came out and greeted us, they even called Victoria small madam
Victoria: Loretta meet aunty Janet, she’s the cook, aunty Justina her work is to wash clothes and aunty Cornelia her work is to clean the whole house, so aunties please meet my friend Loretta
All: you’re welcome Loretta
Me: thank you
Victoria: she will be staying with us in this house, so please take good care of her the way you do to me, alright?
All: yes small madam
Victoria: please stop calling me small madam, call me my name or you can call me Vicky
Cornelia: we can’t call you by your name but we fit call you Vicky
Victoria: better, please aunty Janet is there anything to eat?
Janet: yes, I cooked fried rice and chicken and I also prepared your fruit salad is in the fridge
Victoria: alright, thank you very much, you can go
They left us and we went upstairs, take our shower and then came down stairs for dinner, we finished eating and went back upstairs, when we entered her room then I decided to ask her about her parent because I haven’t seen not even her elder brother and she has refuse to tell me
Me: Victoria
Victoria: yes
Me: what about your parent and your brother, I haven’t seen them since I came
Victoria: don’t worry my bother will soon come back and as for my parent, they travelled and they won’t be back the end of this month, don’t worry you will soon meet them
Me: ok o
Victoria’s room is not that big as mind but is beautiful and I love it , as we were gisting with our friend on group chat we heard a knock on the door
Victoria: please come in
The person entered the room I guess is Victoria’s brother because they look alike, he is so handsome, tall and he is fair in complexion
Victoria: wao big bro, whatsup?
Daniel: am cool and you
Victoria: am fine as you can see, big bro meet my friend Loretta, Loretta meet my elder brother Daniel
I got up from the bed walk toward him and we shake hands
Me: nice meeting you
Daniel: the pleasure is mind, you are such a beautiful damsel and I hope you won’t go very soon because I need to know you more
He was still holding my hand while talking to me even when I tried to free my hand from him, he hold me tight then his sister came and separate our hands
Victoria: live her hand alone, you can talk without holding her hand
Daniel: are you jealous? I was not holding your hand
Victoria: she is my friend
Daniel: she is your friend today, tomorrow she might become my wife
Victoria: you, my friend become your wife, God forbid even if Loretta here plan to become your wife, I will personally tell her not to, because your numerous girlfriend might kill her before her time
Daniel: Victoria stop saying that before your friend, do you want her to start hating me, my dear don’t listen to what she is saying, she’s just jealous
Me: it ok and beside that will never happen because I take you as my elder brother
Daniel: aright let me leave you girls for now before my little sister will kill me with her big eyes, am not eating your friend, Loretta see you tomorrow, good night
Me: good night
Victoria: brother please tell aunty Janet to bring me the fruit
Daniel: ok
Few minutes later aunty Janet came in with the fruit salad and gave it to Victoria then she left
After we have finished eating the fruit we slept off till morning.


Loretta. Episode 7
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