August 2, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 8

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 8

Juliet’s POV

I never wanted to the one to escort Romeo and I have never done that before but his mom begged me. I really like that lady and I respect her for who she is that’s why I didn’t deny her offer .

I thought it’s something which is boring but now I think it will only be boring if you don’t entertain yourself .

He is really handsome and too proud of himself and that’s what I hate the most. I hate people who are too proud and look down upon others as if they’re not worth a living.

Seeing him frustrated makes me happy, I feel pity sometimes but I can’t stop myself from teasing him because if I can’t then I will get bored.

I heard he doesn’t socialize with girls and have never dated before. I actually think that he is afraid of ladies or could it be that he is gay?

I will make sure I clear my suspicions before the end of this week because a handsome guy like him can’t stay single. I mean how can he waste his handsomeness like this?

I only like the fact that he isn’t a womanizer like other handsome boys.

“We’re here ,” the driver said as the car came to a halt in front of magnificent building, I guess that’s where he is going to meet his business partners.

His bodyguard opened his side first and he was about to step out when I grabbed his hand.

“What is it again because I’m going to be late now?”He asked looking at his golden wrist watch.

“Chill bro , I just want to you to open the door for me. Being a gentleman,” I said smiling mischievously and he scoffed.

“That’s my bodguard’s duty,” he said trying to free himself from my grip .

“He’s your bodguard not mine and you’re my boyfriend here so you should act like one ,” I said and he chuckled.

“Do you think I’m going to treat you like my girlfriend?” He asked mockingly .

“Yes of course,” I said and he stared at me with a straight face.

“Get this straight into your empty scull dear , I’M NOT GOING TO BE A GENTLEMAN TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU so stop nagging me and do your job that is to follow my orders.” He said sternly.

“Then be ready for the humiliation,” I said smiling.

“Please don’t, I’ll do it” he pleaded and got down to open the door for me like what I wanted.

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