July 31, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 9

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl ????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 9

(Good for her)

Romeo’s POV

“Thank you,” she said when I opened the door for her.

Well , I just did that because of the threat she gave me . I don’t want to be humiliated by a lady in front of my business partners and I know she really meant what she said.

I will just follow her orders like a little kid so that she won’t do anything stupid. If it wasn’t for my mom who hired this problem for me , I would have find a random girl whom I can control.

“Wait for me please,” she pleaded catwalking towards me in her twelve inch heels and I did as ordered by my grumpy escort.

“Thanks,” she said as we walked side by side to the building and that’s when I noticed that her height reached just below my shoulder.

I cracked and she glared at me with a questioning look.

“What’s up with that look?” I asked.

“Why were you laughing?” She asked.

“You’re too short even with those high high high heels,” I said and she looked away shyly.

“Awn Mrs troublesome is shy,” I said mockingly.

“I’m not shy and who is troublesome here ?” she said boldly trying to compose herself.

“Don’t deny it..”

“Welcome Mr Martins,” I was cut off by a tall , fair looking young lady and I guess she’s the secretary because I have met her before.

“Thank you Miss?”

“Mackenzie but you can call me Layla,” she said showing her full set of white teeth and I returned the smile.

“This way please,” she said and took the lead to the board room where the meeting is going to be held.

She started shaking her big butt and her dress barely covered her thighs. This made me notice that her complexion was not even, I guess she used bleaching lotions but didn’t work well.

“Excuse me Ma’am,” Juliet said and we both looked at her.

“Your dress is tearing up at your butt and I think it’s too small for you. Did you perhaps borrowed it?” She asked.

“Mmm thanks this elevator will take you to the last floor and you will meet someone waiting for you at the reception,” she said and ran out of the elevator.

“That’s for being bitchy ,” Julie said smiling and I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore.

“That was too harsh,” I said trying to control my laughter.

“Good for her,” she said and we walked out.

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