August 3, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 54 And 55

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 54
Harry’s POV
I paced to and from the ward as I heard her scream.
This my hospital and I can do what I fucking can.
‘Open this door because am going in,’ I ordered the doctor passing by and go in.
‘Baby, am here for you,’ I said soothing her hand.
‘Push,’ the nurse said and I pitied her.
‘I’m tired,’ she said in tears and sweating.
‘Just do it with the energy you have. The baby is almost out.
As the baby cried she fell on the bed tiredly and slept of.
The nurse left with my son to clean him up and came minutes later.
He’s just too cute, my replica.
‘Thank you,’ I said to Sofia and kissed her forehead. She just made me a father. I need someone to share my joy with and I called my mom.
‘She has delivered,’ I said the good news immediately she picked up. I didn’t wait to greet her, she knows am fine and I can protect myself, my woman and my son.
‘Congratulations am now a grandma, when am I seeing my grandchild?’ she asked.
‘Sofia is still asleep, I’ll talk to her then tell you,’
‘Okay, and I head Lily is nowhere to be found. You can bring the baby to hid him this sides,’
‘We’ll think about that,’
‘Give Sofia a kiss for me and thank her for giving me a grandson,’
‘She didn’t do it alone, I also went through hell,’
‘Next time you carry the baby and you’ll understand what am saying,’ she said and hanged up.
This woman is crazy, she wants me to carry a child.
I laid the baby there and get some food for Sofia, I know she hungry, because of the high appetite she’s been having this days. I was about leaving but wasn’t comfortable with the idea and went with him.

Sofia’s POV
I felt someone’s presence in the room and opened my eyes. I thought it was Harry, he was the last one in the room before I fell asleep.
‘Hey, sister long time no see,’ Lily said with an evil smile while fear embraced me.
I knew she would come but not now.
I looked at the crib and my son wasn’t there.
‘Where’s my son,’ I asked fighting the tears.
‘I didn’t take him, but if he has been stolen then the person who did it made work easier for me,’ she said.
I felt pain in my heart, like a part of me has just been taken away.
‘If I find out you took my son, I swear I will kill you with my hands,’ I said trembling.
I don’t want to do something crazy before I find out the truth.
‘Bye sister. I don’t regret anything sister because everything you have should be mine and everything you enjoy, it should be me,’ she said and walked out. I embraced myself on the bed and let the tears flow freely. I don’t want to imagine someone has taken my child.
The door opened and I thought Lily was back but it turned out to be Harry and the baby. I sighed with relief as I wiped away the tears.
‘Why are you crying?’ he asked placing the baby in the crib.
‘Lily was here and I thought she took my son away,’
‘What was Lily doing here?’
‘I don’t know, she came to threaten me,’
‘I took the baby because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him here, while you were asleep,’
‘Thank God, can I have him,’
‘Have you thought of a name?’ he asked.
‘Reid or Roy,’
‘Roy, I like that,’ he said and I smiled.
‘Welcome to our lives Roy,’ I said and kissed his forehead.

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