July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 7

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????????????THE POWER OF LOVE ????????????
♥????????Episode 7????????♥

“Mirabell? Why are you crying?” she heard someone asking her from behind.
Little did she know that someone else was there already before she rushed in and began to cry.

She instantly turned immediately to the handsome figure staring at her in sympathy. She was totally embarrassed and ashamed . She had never expected to meet him there.
She stood up immediately and began to clean up her eyes. She was obviously nervous as the guy
who had saved her some nights ago advance nearer to her.

“Nothing…. Nothing………, its just nothing to worry yourself about, I am fine” She fumbled and forcing an unwilling smile out of her lips.

“You can’t just tell me you are fine and that there is nothing bothering you when you and i knows
that the problem is gigantic enough to make you cry.

Remember, a problem shared is half solved.” Harry said when he was so very close to her.

Already he had been there all day to avoid the nasty questions people have been asking concerning the incident.

Mirabell just faced down timidly. She did never expect or bargained that he should meet her in such a devastating mood. Anyway, he had caught her already and so she has no other option than to open up to him.

She raised her head again to answer him as tears flowed freely down her cheeks again.

“I broke up with him. Its so painful to believe that some one I love so much could be able to rape me. And here, people are getting the wrong description of it.” She answered

“Stop crying. A beautiful girl like you is not supposed to be seen crying like that.” He said as he cleaned up her tears with his handkerchief. Her tears was melting his heart.

“I am here with you now. Please stop crying” He said again pulling her gently to himself and she
complied without resistance and wept freely on his shoulder.


After a moment now, they were both seated on the pavement together. Harry’s hand was around
her shoulder and he was handling a speech with her

“They are painting me black with their gossip and rumors as if I am a wh**e” She muttered sadly

“Rumours are from haters. And it is always fashioned to pull someone down. If you allow
yourself to be intimidated, that’s it that they will achieve their aim.
Don’t let what they say bother
you. I am here also to avoid those useless question they are asking. So its as if we are both in the same shoe.”

“Thank you very much. Your words are warm and tender. I can’t help to think you are my guardian Angel” She said with a blossoming smile and he melted to that.

“How?” he asked

“You saved me when i was stuck in trouble and you are here again to ease the problems that abound in my heart.” She replied

“That’s what you do for someone you love right?” He asked.

But wait! Did he just said that? He can’t believe he let it out of his mouth unguarded. Well that’s the power of love in action.

“Which is to say you’ve loved me?” She asked

Jovially expecting a positive reply.
He began to scratch his head and after a moment he replied

“I have always L…”

“Is this the reason why you have decided to break up with me?”
Owen said interrupting them.

They knew little that he have been eavesdropping them little the wall.

They both turn around looking surprise as he advanced toward them.
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