August 6, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 8

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????♥️????THE POWER OF LOVE ????♥️????
????????????Episode 8????????????


“You have been looking pale and distressed since you returned from school today. What’s the problem?” Luke asked at he approached his friend Harry who was sitting on the study chair.

“Are you going to seat there all day? Tell me what’s eating you up?” Luke asked with a heart felt concern again this time touching his shoulders slightly.

Instead of a cool and polite answer he expects, Harry slammed the table furiously

“I hate being Poor!” he snarled

“Where is this coming from?” Luke asked with a surprise description written on his face.

“How dare he call me a poor hopeless thing before her?” He asked as if Luke was there in the scenario.

“Who? I am getting confused.”

“I was just on my own behind the department of sociology hall when she rushed in and started to Cry, … ”
He continued narrating the incident some hours ago.


They were both surprise to see Owen as he approached them.
“Bae, I have already apologise . What i did was not intentional. Please give me a second chance.” Owen pleaded when he was close enough.

“What did you want? Another chance so you can r*pe me?” She shouted with a bullet eyes.

“If that’s what you want, you are not gonna have it.” She added

“Is it because of this Hopeless poor thing beside you?” He asked with total reference to Harry whose hand were still cross around her shoulder.

His question impacted definitely a strong blow on Harry’s heart. That’s one of the thing he abhorred so much. Being insulted and humiliated makes him feel Bad.

He quickly took his hands off her and said to her as he stood up, “I will be going now. I am not in the mood to exchange insults neither am I in the mood to entertain it. So take care of yourself”

After his abrupt sentence he left that place with out looking at either of them.


That was all he could explain to his friend. He felt really Bad at the Language Owen used on him. Moreso, he terminated the moment which should have become his most treasured moment.

“Why did you leave only the two of them there? Don’t you know that guy can go crazy again?” Luke reprimanded

“I know but understand the situation, i hate it when i am being insulted especially before a girl. She might picture me as something else. So i did rather leave than to face more embarrassment” He replied

“You love her don’t you?” Luke asked with his eyes digging his face for answer.

“Why asking?”

“Because its obvious.You won’t be disturbing yourself if you don’t love her” He replied

Harry was just adamant.

“Just admit it and i will help you right away”

“Yes i loves her” this was what he had wanted to tell her before Owen came up with his distractions

“Well you have to be strong. Don’t let yourself to be intimidated” Luke advised

“Don’t bother advising me because i am not ready to fall in Love yet”
Harry retorted

“But you’ve already fallen” Luke teased

“I don’t have money. I am still struggling to cater for myself. So its not just the right time.”

“Let me go and check the food i was preparing in the kitchen.” Luke said and left


Mirabell sat on her Bed lost in the pool of thought. The incident at late hours of the school kept replaying in her memory. She felt ultimately good and comfortable in his arm.
No one have ever made her feel the chemistry she felt while his hand were still crossed around her shoulders, she is the type that hardly smile in sorrows but here, the strange guy put a smile in her face despite the sorrows abound.

However it was all dislodged when Owen showed up. At the very moment, she concluded Owen to be her Predicament. Forcing a girl who loves you, who does that if not a monster.

All she could do when Harry left was to snarl at him and then walk away.

Just then, Felix walked into her room and observed her for a moment

“I haven’t seen you smile for some days now and that is making me sad. All you does is to sit here, if not crying then thinking as you are doing right now” Felix retorted as he sat beside her and crossed his hand around her shoulders.

“What is it? Is it still about that birthday night?” He asked


To Be Continue…..

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