June 17, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 101 to 105

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Addicted To Him. Episode 106 to 110
Addicted To Him. Episode 96 to 100


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 101

Miguel POV

“This is my sugar plum ” I said seductively as she blushed

I kissed her tenderly had to stop when jenny shouted at us

“Get a room will you!? ” she said and throw a rotten apple at us.

We laughed for a while before I started kissing her again

She deepen it but got interupted by principal Randall sawyer eyes widened

“Kissing on duty right??? ” principal Randall said and scoffs

Jenny would definitely be jailed for this her laugh

“Mr Miguel Lopez get a bucket and rake and join them now” madam principal growled softly

I can’t believe she just called me Lopez instead of Perez

“Its Perez not Lopez ma’am ” I murmured with an eye ???? roll

“Whatever now get to work!!! She roared

As if the day wasn’t bad enough now I had to clean the campus all because of a kiss

Can this day get any worst

“Hey Jennifer Lopez get cleaning ” jenny teased laughing like a insane clown she is

“Swears I will kill you Jennifer Clark ” I said and pursued her as she hid behind sawyer

Sawyer Burst into another round of laughter as she and jenny repeatedly called me Jennifer Lopez

Cleaning is not so boring after all

When you got two crazy beings around you tend to get side ache due to too much laugher


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 102

Jenny’s POV

We finished cleaning the whole around 6pm

Was exhausted and tired ???? I waved sawyer as I walked towards my house

I really need a warm shower, was not that far from the school exit when Anderson the second most handsome dude walked up to me with a beautiful smile

Swears I almost slumped is he seriously smiling at me??

“Ehrmm ???? hi jenny” he said shyly as she scratch the back of his neck.

He even knows my name omg ???? am gonna blow up some body pinch me.

“Hi” I manage to say

“Sorry to bother you jenny but have seeing you around campus lately, I must say you a very wonderful person if you don’t mind I would love to be your friend ” he said smiling sheepishly

Omg ???? omg ????

“Uhmm yes… Sure I mean okay… I don’t mind at all” I said, like seriously I mentally slapped myself for the rubbish I was saying

“Okay dear I see you going home should I walk you home? So you won’t feel lonely ” he asked with a grin as he tuck his hands deep down his pocket

“Ahh no… Erhm yes… Okay ” I stammer

God why do I feel this way with Anderson

“Smiles very well then let’s get going” he said and winked

We later walked hand in hand to my place,

Anderson is a very funny soul I think I like him????????????????


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 103


I can’t be gotten rid of easily because am the boss

Am just gonna let them enjoy their selves for a while before I strike

I have an inside man who will do my dirty work for me

They won’t see it coming neither will they suspect me.

“Joe is back! ” I said to myself and grinned wickedly

Miguel POV

Sawyer said she is a better boxer than me so we gonna enter a match

Cody is gonna be our coach ????????????

Sawyer think she is strong ???? even women ain’t strong species am gonna kick her butt


The first round she won ???? actually I let her win anyways

The second roubd she kicked my butt repeatedly, jezz I was wrong that girl is strong

Now she will have something to mock me with

“Miguel is a chicken ???? ???? ???? ” she mocked doing the chicken dance

Cody joined together they called me chicken

“Ttch ion have time for you guys” I said and ran upstairs to my room

I wanted locking the door when sawyer pushed it open

“You wanna start mocking me again right” I said feigning annoyance

“Aww look who is angry, sweetie am ???? sorry ” she said and kissed my cheek but I was quick to pull her to me

As I landed my lips on hers and slam her to the wall as we kept kissing in synchrony


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 104

Sawyer’s POV

I rapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso

He lifted me off the ground still kissing he walked towards the bathroom

Hmmm sex in the shower Woow there is always a first time for everything

We got to the bathroom as he locked the transparent glass door

That’s the end of the story ????????????????

Jenny’s POV

Andre and I have been catching up lately
And he is super rich too ????????????
I can’t believe am going on a date today with the school hotty
What more can I ask of

I had done my hair and my makeup ???? but ion know what to wear ????????

I searched through my closet but I still didn’t find anything suiting

What the hell!!!

God help my date ????????

Almost immediately the door bell rang

I wonder who is that, maybe sawyer but I wasn’t expecting her tho

I rushed downstairs to the door I opened it, to my surprise its a chauffeur
And he had a bag in his hands that had mystique collection logo on it

“Good day maam sir Anderson asked me to pick You up and also give you this” he said and bow slightly as I collected them with so much happiness

“Thanks, excuse me for a sec I will be right back ” I said and raced upstairs

I quickly settled for a black strapless dress ???? with pretty little gems on the neck line

Along side a silver stiletto ???? and silver clutch

Anderson really has eyes for fancy things

Mystique collection is one of the most expensive fashion line

Only rich folks buy from this collection

, ,,,,..
I raced downstairs to the nice car outside
Woow this must worth billions

The chauffeur bowed as he opened the door to the back seat of the car as he enter the driver side and ignite the engine to life

Before zooming off

I wonder where we going


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 105

Anderson POV

We arrived at a classy restaurant moments later

I had bought the whole place for the day

And am also planning to ask her out

I pray she doesn’t turn. Me down

“Thanks for coming jenny, am really happy you made it” I said not knowing what else to say

“Its nothing Andre” she said shyly

We ordered for food and some drinks too

We talked about some random stuffs and also about our family

This girl is so lively reasons why I fell for her

She is so carefree and beautiful too

She has everything a man would want from his woman

“Erhm jenny ion know how to say this but I just had too, ever since have gotten to know you had become the most happiest among my peers, your pretty face and your presence give me hope each time am down thought of you bring me up again.. I LOVE YOU JENNY PLEASE BE MY GIRL” I said sweating already

Am scared she might reject me

She looked shocked ???? for a second before screaming and jumped on me

“Yes yes yes she said

She crashed her lips on mine immediately

I responded back as she held on to my shirt while I encircled my hands around her tiny waist

This a dream come true

I f this a prison then ion wanna ever leave

Miguel POV

After the breathtaking sex in the shower ????????

Me and sawyer laid in my room cuddling up
She fell asleep shortly, crazy girl

She most be tired from all days work????

I kissed her tenderly on her pouted lips

Then placed another one on her forehead be standing up and walked out

I walked downstairs to the kitchen am so hungry I could eat the womb of a wolf ????????????

I later settled for some snacks and soda too

My favorite drink tho

I walked to the kitchen to the living room

Wanna watch Netflix, or GAME OF THRONES my best movie of all time

“Miguel the movie addict what are you doing here all alone” mum said from behind

“Nothing mom was not feeling sleepy ???? just decided to watch movies abit before going back upstairs ” I said as she sat beside me.

“When are you planning to tell her the truth son” she asked

“Tell her what mom” I answered

Addicted To Him. Episode 106 to 110
Addicted To Him. Episode 96 to 100

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