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Addicted To Him. Episode 106 to 110

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 106

Miguel POV

“About what mom” I said acting like ion know what she is talking about

“About your company and your wealth too don’t you think she deserves to know ” she said looking at me

“I will tell her but not now mom ” I said chewing a pickle

“Tell me ???? what ” I heard a voice from the stairs I need no prophet to tell me who it is

“Its nothing my child Miguel and I we’re just discussing about the graduation party we gonna be throwing at the house” mom said immediately

“Yes…. Yes.. Sawyer by the way shouldn’t you be in the room sleeping why are you here” I asked scratching my neck

She shrugs before coming to seat beside me

“Yeah I woke up because I was thirsty but you were not in the room so I decided to come downstairs ” she said as she placed her head on my lap

Ptweew that was close

I glance at mom who gave me a what is it look

“Come sawyer let’s go back upstairs am feeling sleepy ???? ” I said and yawned

We stood up and went back inside in silence ????

She folded up into my arms as we drove to wonderland

Unknown POV

“Did you get the package I asked you? ” my boss asked

“Yes boss I did when should we test it” I said showing him the explosives

“Not yet boy we gonna fix it the day of Beverly hills graduation a day they would never forget ” he said with a smirk ????

” nice one boss, perfect plan to get rid of em” I said as we both started laughing

A devilish laugh actually

Sawyer’s mom POV

Am happy my daughter found love he is the right person for her

He even disclose his plans to propose to sawyer the day of graduation

My joy ???? knew no bound when he told me about it

I also volunteer to help organize the surprise party

Its gonna be grand


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 107

Sawyer’s POV

The following morning I had gone back to my apartment why do I have the feeling that Miguel and his mom are hiding something from me

Even my mom is also acting strange
But what could they be hiding??

I took out my phone and dialed jenny’s line but surprisingly she wasn’t picking calls

Where could she be, I tried countless times before giving up

Maybe I should go check on her

Graduation is in two days time and we haven’t gotten any plans for it yet.

Jenny’s POV

The aroma of nice dish woke me up

Woow what a great smell, but who could be cooking in my kitchen

I climbed down the stairs lazily to the kitchen

To my surprise Andre was cooking in my kitchen shirtless

Omg ???? his back view is so hot

How come he knows how to cook??

“Stop drooling baby its too early” he said getting me off guard

“Eh.. What… I wasn’t drooling “I defended with folded arms

“Yes you are babe come over and a taste of my tasty delicacy I made it just for you” said handing me a spoon

Its spagetti meat balls and fruits salad

I took a spoonful into my mouth

Omg ???? delicious meal with a nice aroma

“Thumbs ???? up Andre I never knew you we’re such a great cook” I said taking more of the fruit salad

“Easy there babe don’t finish it yet “, he said with an eye roll

“Oops someone is at the door I will go get it” he said and walked to the door.


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 108

Sawyer’s POV

I got to jenny’s apartment I knocked on her door not long the door got opened I thought it was jenny but when I turned it was Anderson

Wait!! Anderson and jenny?? How sweet

Am so gonna tease her. He is even shirtless woow

“Erhm hi ???? sawyer ” he said nervously

“Hmmm Anderson so you and jenny are now a thing? ” I asked with a mocking grin

“So you are the reason jenny isn’t picking my calls huh” I said and chuckled

He smiled shyly

“Andre who is at the door” I heard jenny said from inside

Immediately she saw me, her cheeks were flushed I burst out laughing

“Maybe I should go and come back ion wanna ruin your romantic mode” I said trying to suppress my laughter

“No wait don’t go sawyer ” jenny said and grinned

“No no am going see you love birds later” I said and ran away from their doorstep

Finally my best friend is in love, with Anderson second hotty in school well Miguel is the first ????????????

I decided to take a walk home, tired of cab drivers driving recklessly

Was on a pedestrian walk ???? ????

When a car almost hit me, I managed to jump outta sight and fell hard on my butt

Surprisingly the driver didn’t stop.

That’s strange I don’t think this is a coincidence, could it be that someone is after my life??

I need to warn Miguel and jenny too

One thing for sure who ever tried to run over is not gonna give up soon


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 109

Miguel POV

Sawyer came home extremely scared

She claimed a car try to run her over intensionally

She thinks something or someone is after her life

But that’s not possible cause I know that the only two people that can try such is in jail
Aside them we don’t have any enemies

I tried consoling her but she is still scared

Had to leave her to her mom who assured me she is gonna get over it

But wait could she be right about it.


Its been a week since the car incident

Sawyer is now back to herself again

Right now we at the roof top of the school with Anderson and jenny playing the no hands kiss game

Oh yeah I know about him and jenny

We had become pals now, I must say he is a very cool ???? guy and shy too

It was his turn to kiss jenny with both of them holding hands or touching at all
For 5minutes

They had not lasted 2minutes before jenny gave up and touched him which means Andre won

Its now me and sawyer’s turn

Damn the kiss was so intense I also touched her but she ended up loosing to me

???? Yay ???? me and Anderson won


Written ✍ by feathers inspired

Episode 110

Sawyer’s POV

Oh please you guys cheated'” I said with an eye roll

“You guys planned this I want a re match” jenny said with folded arms

“Me three ” I said and winked at Miguel

. “just admit it, you girls are weaklings ” Andre said nonchalantly..

“Yeah girls are weak species ” Miguel laughed

A mocking laugh actually

“We will see about that sweetie ” jenny said drinking from her water bottle

” now back to the game, the next challenge is eating cereal from this plate without using your hands ” miguel said reading out the instructions

“Jenny You up” Miguel said pointing at her

She stood up and squats infront of the table and tried eating cereal without using her hands at first it was deficult but after much trial she finally ate cereal

“Yay go jenny” I hailed

” your turn Andre” I said

He stood up and squats infront of the table just like jenny and used his tongue to pick a cereal but he ended up not able to pick any cereal

“Loser booo” me and jenny mocked as we did a high five

“Yeah whatever at least we still got our ten points” Miguel said sticking out his tongue at us

“Its your turn Miguel “I said trying not to laugh

He also did the same at others but failed too

Ouch this is so funny

Almighty Miguel lost to the girls
“Miguel Miguel what happened dear ” I mocked him trying to suppress my laughter

“Oh shut up swayer and step forward ” he said with an eye roll

I did thesame and I won too they don’t know I use to eat cereal at home with out using my hands

“For your punishment you guys have to admit that girls are superior being” jenny said with a shrugg

“Never girls are weaklings ” Anderson said laughing

“Okay then no kisses for the both of you till you finally accept us as the superior being ” I said nonchalantly..

I could tell they both went pale instantly

“Jeez that’s a very hard punishment, please don’t deprive us from those cute “, miguel said more like begging me

“Please take my wealth away but dont deprive me of kiss” Anderson said like he would die anytime if he doesn’t kiss jenny

Me and jenny couldn’t help our laughter as we mimick the both of them

This is so fun to watch I never thought they would beg like their lives depends on kissing

“Okay fine we accept, girls are not weaklings but superior beings” Miguel said with an eye roll

“No no don’t do that say it like a gentleman ” jenny said referring to the eye roll

“, girls are not weaklings but superior beings ” they both shouted

Let’s go home people its game night Friday ” jenny said clapping

We packed up all our stuffs to Anderson car and left campus to Anderson’s mansion yeah that’s where our game night Friday

Will be taking place

Next Friday is jenny’s apartment

Then mine before miguel, its rotational

Miguel’s POV

Friday game night with Anderson was fun

After much argument with the girls on what to watch we finally settled for GOTS

My favorite movie of all time.

I stood up to use the rest room upstairs when I received a call from an unknown number I picked up and placed it on my ear but strange the caller wasn’t saying anything even when I said multiple hello

He hanged up once he or she heard my voice

Strange tho. But I shrug it off and went downstairs to meet the others

Addicted To Him. Episode 111 to 115
Addicted To Him. Episode 101 to 105

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