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Addicted To Him. Episode 91 to 95

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 91

Sawyer’s POV

Ruby kept pulling my hair back and forth

Several kicks landed on my abdomen as I groaned tears came flowing as I was becoming weak.

“Please… S.. Top what do you want ” I manage to say

“Fine then I want you to come with me to Thailand there is a pastor waiting to get us married ” he said


I looked at Miguel who had blood all over his face how did I become so stupid not to see the fakeness of joe

“You have just 30minutes to decide. Oh yeah you don’t have a choice than to agree cause if you decline am gonna kill your prince charming so make your decision fast” he said

What do I do now ???

Ion wanna get married to that monster and at the same time ion wanna loose Miguel oh god please help me I have just 30minutes

Mrs brown (sawyer’s mom POV

Why am I having this strange feeling that something bad is about to happen. But what is it

Oh my god sawyer???

I ran outta the house to Miguel’s apartment only to meet his mom looking worry she told me that Miguel and sawyer left in a hurry since without telling anyone about it

She also suspect fowl play too

I called the inspector general of police who came asap

I told him about the situation on ground. He tried tracking their phones using a tracking device

But it didn’t work out it was as if they don’t want to be found

That was when I remembered something important.
When sawyer was still a child me and her father installed a tracking device in between her pre molars (tooth)

I told them about it and got the location of an underground tunnel

What could they be doing there???


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 92

Miguel POV

I feel so weak as I growl in pain was unable to move

How can sweet Joe turn a monster over night

“Fine I will come with but please don’t hurt Miguel ” sawyer said

“No sawyer save your self forget about me” I whisper but I got another smack from the thugs in return

While sawyer cry even more, i swear they are gonna pay for ever laying their stinky hands on my girl.

“How dare you give me condition bitch, I own you now remember? ” he said and pulled sawyer’s hair making her shout in pain

“Please stop hurting her, hurt me instead leave sawyer alone she is innocent ” I manage to say

“Shot up fool ” ruby said glaring at me as she pointed a pistol ???? to my head.

“For trying to boss me around am going punish you and your punishment is me having a taste of your honey pot the same cunt you gave to this fool that he is enjoying ” he said.

I got infuriated and spat in his face

I could see the look of furry in his eyes
But ion care, over my dead body will I let him touch sawyer

” how dare you ” he growled and hit me hard on the head with the gun he was holding

Blood started oozing out of my head
I couldn’t see a thing anymore as I became dizzy ????

“Am gonna kill your bitch for this” he said and pointed the gun to sawyer

I became scared of loosing sawyer instantly but I couldn’t do anything for her I was so weak.

“Say your last prayers ???? ” he said as sawyer started shivering

i have to save her at all cost ion care if I die she is my life and I can’t watch her being killed

He crooked his gun ready to shoot


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 93

Sawyer’s POV

Oh my God is this how am gonna die??

Without getting married and having kids??

I closed my eyes as he crooked his gun

Almost immediately I the police came in and surrounded joe ruby and his thugs

It was my mom that brought them, thank goodness she came on time or else I would have been dead meat.

“Mom” I whisper as she engaged Me in a hug

” my baby girl am sorry ???? its my fault we went through this, I shouldn’t have pushed you away ” she sobbed as I was untied.

“Its okay mum am also sorry “I said and hugged her back

“Omg ???? Miguel are you okay” I said and limped towards him.

He couldn’t talk, his mom came in immediately

The condition she saw her son broke her heart

She walked towards where the cops were holding ruby and joe

Before I couldn’t say jack she gave them a hot slap

“I regret ever having you has my child ” she said in anger as her eyes glow red.

My mum took her aside trying to calm her

I got distracted looking at them when a gun was fired at me

I fell to the ground with my eyes shut I felt something heavy on my body

How come am not feeling any pain

I came back to my senses when I had my mum and Miguel’s mom screamed

I opened my eyes behold it Miguel on top of me

He smiled and whisper I love before rolling off.

I blood stained my body and the hand I used in holding his back.


“Miguel?? ” I turned to look at him

Oh my goodness joe had shot him straight at the back

“Oh my god oh my god” his mom rushed towards him
As the cops finally dragged joe away


I screamed and fainted


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 94

Sawyer’s POV

“Miguel!!!! ” I screamed and opened my eyes

I discover I was a strange room, wait a hospital??

I turned to my right only to see my mum laying beside me. I tried to stand up by my whole body is numb and I felt pain the head

It was bandaged I needed to see my Miguel I hope he is alright

Had the weirdest dream that Miguel was shot.. What a crazy dream

I tried once more to stand up as I held the bed stand for support

Miguel’s mom walked in with her eyes red obviously from crying

“Sawyer You are wake ” Miguel’s mom said softly

My mom moved and opened her eyes she looked me for a while then back to mrs Perez

“Yes mom where is Miguel ” I asked immediately

Everyone was silent its obvious they are both hiding something from me

“Somebody answer my question ” I said

“Calm down sawyer now is the right time for questions you need rest” my mum said trying to calm me down

But I wasn’t buying that shit

“Stop it mom just answer the damn question where is Miguel!! ” I yelled making them flinch back in fear

“Sawyer my dear relax will be fine you just rest okay ” his mom said quietly

But still there was something up

“Need answers right now ” I roared at them

My mum had fear written over her face

“Sawyer Miguel is..


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 95

Miguel’s mom POV

“Sawyer dear Miguel is…

“Actually joe shut him at the back, You fainted due to shock,

We manage to rush the both of you here

The bullet was removed successfully but the doctor claimed there was some complications

That his chance of survival and walking is 50/50

” what?? Where is he please take me to him please ” she said as fresh tears roll down her cheeks

“No dear you need to rest Miguel is gonna be fine

He won’t be happy seeing you like this” I said trying to calm her

But it wasn’t working as she tried to stand up

“I want to see him right now or gonna die of heart ache” she said as she finally stood up holding something for support

Poor girl I really admire her love for my Miguel

I pray they stay together forever

“Relax sawyer please ???? ” her mom tried to say but she smacked her hands from her shoulder

“Fine we gonna take yo to Miguel just stop crying ” I said as I walked the wheelchair that was placed at a corner in the room

Sawyer’s POV

I was wheeled out of my room towards Miguel’s ward

Immediately I saw my Miguel looking pale with bruises all over his face and body

I almost slumped

God look what they did to him, swears am gonna break joe’s fingers one by one.

I held on to his hands as I cry profusely

His mom and my mom tried talking to me but it wasn’t working

I just want to cry my eyes out. I love him so much

Mere thoughts of loosing him is killing me slowly

He opened his pale looking eyes and looked at me.

His mom and mine left us alone to talk

“Baby don’t cry, princesses don’t cry” he said and used the back of his thumb to clean my tears.

“Miguel??? My love please don’t leave me alone, I would die should anything happens to you”I said as another round of tears came flowing

“Smiles baby I promise I won’t leave you no matter what your love is enough for me” he said and smiled weakly

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