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Addicted To Him. Episode 96 to 100

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 96

Miguel POV

I smiled weakly as I stare at her bursted lips ????

Seems she got the memo she brought her lips to mine and kissed my passionately

Even though my chances of living are thin am gonna fight it just to be with sawyer.

She was my first and will be my last love ❤️ ❤️ death can’t pull us apart.

“I love you so much sawyer brown am gonna be strong for you my love” I murmured softly

“I love much more my forever please stay alittle longer with me baby” she said and planted a soft kiss on my cheek
I couldn’t help but grin

“Let’s make babies sawyer ” I said and winked

“Lol how many kids do you want.. If you want us to make babies you have to fight this” she said looking at nothing in particular

“I appreciate every day of my life knowing you always by my side, even if I die today I have no regrets your love and care is enough for me” I said and brought her hand to my pale looking lips

” don’t talk like that please you gonna be fine my love ” she said quietly

“Hmmm sure baby how are you feeling now? I asked my eyebrow raised

“you more handsome even with the bruises more I a Greek god due to your pale skin ” she said

Earning a whole hearted chuckle

I love her crazyness

“And You look pretty even with bandage on your head and your broken lips ” I winked seductively

“Shut up You pervert ”


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 97

Ruby POV

They think locking me up is gonna help them.

Am not done with them yet, they will both pay for humiliating me, swears

Am gonna be the one to kill them with my bare hands

It will end only when I want it to I still gat men outside this cell that will help me with my mission

Watch your back fools

Sawyer’s POV

We have both been discharged from the hospital.

I can walk perfectly so does Miguel

Well it was a miracle indeed my Miguel is still with me.

Its valentines day and right now we just came back from our date..

I was dressed in a sexy white gown Miguel had bought for me.

We head upstairs to Miguel’s room..

Immediately he closed his room door I crashed my lips on his aggressively.
Which he responded to immediately it was like he was also looking forward to it.

He grabbed hold of my b***t and spanked it as I moan softly.

He lifted me for the ground and placed me on his bed gently before kissing me tenderly while I rapped my arms around his neck.

Oh how I missed his touch… He left so many hickeys and love bites on my neck.

He trailed kisses from my tummy down to my belly button I went jellies when I felt his tongue on it.

“I love you sawyer you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” he said in a husky voice

“I love you more Miguel “I said unable to control my moan

Soon we were unclad as we made love all night


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 98

Miguel POV

Life isn’t about what you have but what you have achieved so far.

I wonder how my life is gonna be without sawyer, she is like a rainbow bright in my cloud.

Everything has been going smoothly with us and her mom had forgiven me and also apologized for her attitude towards me.

But the truth is am not mad at her for she was only watching out for her daughter.

Right now me and the whole family was at the bika villa for a picnic

It was sawyer’s idea to reunite the family ???? and create a more stronger bund between the Perez and the browns

Sometimes I use to reflect on my life and how she had contributed to it positively..

She doesn’t know am super rich, am the sole heir to late mrs Marilyn my adoptive mom.

I only told her few things about it. I also told her that I had left the company in safe hands at Vegas but it was all a lie.

Am still in charge of my company am just waiting for our graduation which is close by.

Am gonna propose to her soon.

“Earth to Miguel, what are you thinking of? ” sawyer said snapping me outta my thoughts

“I was thinking of how god had blessed me such a pretty angel ???? like you” I said and winked

Everyone laughed except cody he was just looking at me like he was trying to get something

“Ehn cody?? Is there a bug on my face ” I said and scoffs

“Nah bro was just drooling over your handsomeness ????why am I not this handsome are you even sure we related ” she said and stuck ???? out his tongue for me. And ran into the field

“Come here you rascal ” I said and ran after him

Everyone laughed at our childishness

unknown POV

????hello boss ” I said

???? any update? “. He said in a dark tune.

????yes boss he is still alive same thing goes to the girl, I manged to trail them to the fun park what should I do boss”. I said with a smirk

????tell the boys to stand by for now, I will give you orders on when to go in action ” he said and disconnected the call

I looked at the running around the park like kids

I felt so irritated by their childish things felt like ???? gunning them down but I can’t bosses order


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 99

Sawyer’s POV

We had resumed school after being away for some time.

Ion know what miracle Miguel performed because the principal didn’t say anything

I was clad in a black customized tee with. ” his crazy lover ” at the back
And a blue rugged jean

We not gonna be walking to school for Miguel bought an expensive sport car

Came out shortly only to see hubby waiting by his car looking so hot he also had the same shirt with me

Her adorable lover was written at the back. He wore a black rugged jean too and timberland boots ????

“, hey baby ” he said and pecked my cheek I blushed alittle

“My love let’s get going we so late” I said trying not to look at his cute hazel eyes

“Nope ain’t going anywhere till I get a kiss from you ” he pouted like a kid

“Suit your self mister “I said and stuck ???? out my tongue.

“Crazy lady please just one ” he said like a kid

“Okay fine I said and kiss him lightly
And entered the passenger side of the car.

He giggled before joining me.


We have been the talk of school for a while now everyone wants to be friends with me.

Ttch!!? Show off

Ion want fake friends, speaking of friends I miss jenny

She had promised to be in town today I wonder what’s holding her.

Suddenly someone used his or palm to cover my face from behind

I could tell it isn’t Miguel the fingers are tender like that of a female

Jenny POV

been out of Beverly hills for some weeks now I had promised sawyer that I will be in town today..

Actually am already in town I made sure no one saw me

As I hid in a corner waiting for she and Miguel to come.

After few minutes they both arrived in a fancy sport car the whole school we’re busy talking about them.

I know they all wanna be friends to her.
Fake people. When I was sure she had settled down in class I tiptoed to her back and used both palms to cover her eyes.

“Who Is that now” she said abit frighten

“Surprise!!!!!! I said and removed my hands from her eyes.

“Oh my god jenny you came” she screamed like a two years old kid and rushed me with a hug

We fell to the floor laughing out loud.

Friendship goals,

“Have missed you so much sawyer ” I said amidst laughter

‘”No no I missed you much more”she said and tickle me


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 100

Sawyer’s POV

It was mr Fernando’s class, miguel had excape his class because he feels physics 101 ain’t for him

Silly ???? boy jenny was seated close to me as she was trying to imitate mr Fernando.

Swears if you dare seat with jenny in class or any place you might get arrested for laughing.

She sent a picture of an ape and caption it Fernando

I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore, I bursted out laughing

“Miss brown mind telling the class what’s funny? ” mr Fernando said fixing his spectacles

” ehrm nothing sir a bug bit me” I lied trying to suppress the laugh

“Oh I see stand up miss sawyer and you too jenny ” he said

“But we didn’t do anything ” jenny murmured

“To the principal’s office now!!! ” he growled at us as me and jenny took to our heels.


Right now we are in detention waiting for the closing bell

We asked to clean Beverly hills campus by principal Randall

Jenny is really crazy even in detention she is still up to mischief

She took the rake and started mimicking the principal I couldn’t help but laugh out loud..

we both did some dance freestyles as we clean. The compound.

Miguel later showed up, I feign annoyance and snubbed him.

“Hey Babe, hey jenny” he said with a mocking smirk

Jenny replied him while I pretended not to hear as I continued my work

“Sawyer are you mad at me” he asked but I still snubbed him

“Am sorry baby I had to go for gym classes, baby ;baby sorry ???? ” he said and pouted like a baby.

My face betrayed me as I burst out laughing ???? ????

” nope just stay away go and meet that your sugar plum girlfriend and leave alone” I said and picked up the trap about to dump it when he swung me around

And caught me by the waist and draw me close my hands landed on his chest as my heart skipped a beat

“This is my sugar plum ” he said as I blushed alittle

Addicted To Him. Episode 101 to 105
Addicted To Him. Episode 91 to 95

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