July 25, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 131

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He And Her V.

Episode 131


“What’s wrong Camila?” He asked and I blinked my eye as I try to bring my tense self together.

I breathed out gently and looked to the face of Tucker.

“Speak to me love?”

“I had a terrible dream.” I said as I kept looking into his face.

“Dream!” Tucker said and sat. “Tell me about it?”

A nurse entered at the moment. “Are you getting better ma’am?”

“Yeah.” I replied and the nurse walked away.

I let my eye balls fall and Tucker held me by my shoulder. “Camilla , what’s the dream all about?”

I narrated the dream to Tucker and he lowered his head to the floor like he’s watching something.

“That’s a bad one now ” he said and we both sighed at the same time.


About seven hours later , Tucker drove the car while I sat beside him. I was really scared of going home cause of the dream I had about Grace.

To my surprise , Tucker turned from the street that leads home and I was made to look into his face.

“What’s happening?”

“You need to stay at the hotel first before going home. ” He said and about few minutes later ,we lodged at the hotel.

“I’ll be leaving now dear, I need to watch the reactions of Grace first ” he said and I nodded.

We exchanged kiss and he walked out.

Tucker’s POV.

I arrived home and saw Grace sitting at the very entrance of the house.

“Welcome Tucker.” She said and I nodded.

“Where is Camilla?” She asked.

“Are you asking cause you care for her or…?”

“Common! If not because of the fact that we are fighting for our individual interest. She use to be my best friend and would have being one till date.”

“I doubt it. You are evil ,Grace and I’m sure she would find out that you are really evil in he long run of your friendship.” I said.

She scoff. “Did you really know when I start becoming evil? I started to become evil when you deflowered me and I never get to see you again. ”

“Did you hear yourself? Is that an enough reason to become evil? anyways …you might want to hear this.” I said and stood few steps away from her.

“Tell me.” She requested.

“Camilla has put to bed.” I said and she stood all of a sudden.

She began to jump up happily to be my surprise.

“Really! She’s put to bed. ” She expressed her happiness. “Wao! I’m so happy for my friend.”

“Your friend! ” I repeated and she furrowed her brow while still expressing an happy expression.

“Of course!” She said. “Tucker ,I know I had hurt the closest persons to you and those that try to help you but that doesn’t make me that bad not to be happy that my friend gave birth.” She said.

“Oh! Really.” I said and walked away from her.


Did you think Grace is pretending?

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