July 30, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 48

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????????????IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE????????????



When they turned,
They saw Davis’s mom,lying on the floor bleeding.
Davina had collected a gun from one of the cop’s holster and had shot herself right on the forehead.
“Mom!” Davis yelled as he figured what had just happened,
He ran and knelt beside the woman who was now laying almost lifeless on the floor.

“I rather die than bear the humiliation of seeing your father go to jail,
Tell Joseph that I’m so sorry.” Immediately she said this,
She gave up the ghost.
Mom! No,
No you can’t die.” Davis shook her vigorously,
“Mom,please don’t die.” Davis cried but it was too late,
She was gone.

Diego and Adrian came beside him and both held him up,
“Davis,its okay.
Sorry for your loss,
Never expected things to turn out as bad as this.” Diego said as he held him up.
Adrian just moped at the corpses of the woman,
He may not be human but he know how hard it so to lose the one that birthed you,
He’d lost his own mother too and could relate with the pain.
They took Davis outside while the ambulance arrived a few minutes later to take the body.

“Mr Kingston,
May I have a word with you?” The officer who came with the ambulance said to Davis.
Davis was emotionless,
He wasn’t moving,just staring at the floor while Adrian and Diego stood by his sides.
As you can see,he’s traumatized from what happened,
I don’t think now is the best time to talk about this,
I can give you any information necessary pertaining to this.” Diego said to the officer,
The man nodded while Diego went with him.

“Sir,it was an accident and she didn’t mean to commit suicide.
It happened on impulse but I would plead that the law oversees this case and hand her body over for proper last rites.” Diego said to the officer.
“I would have love to but the law would have to take it course,
Her corpse would be confiscated till after all autopsy are cleared and it’ll be returned to the family by tomorrow evening.” He said to Diego,
“Okay Sir,
Thanks for your consideration.” Diego shook hands with the man and left to meet Davis,Adrian and Mrs Kennedy.
“I guess were done here,the corpse would be sent over tomorrow evening for its last rites.” He said to them.
Davis didn’t look up or even reacted to his words,
He just stood up and went to his car,while Diego and the rest towed behind him.

That night,Adrian called Eva to tell him of the news,
“Hey babe.” He greeted Eva when she picked the call,
“Hi,” Her fatigued voice said to Adrian.
She’d been busy with dinner and also helping Tyler with his voice therapy.
The boy had been going through some therapy to help him get his voice back.
“Sounds like you’re tired?” Adrian asked her,
She sighed in exasperation,
“Yeah,just finished helping Tyler with his voice therapy and still not done with dinner.” She said to him.

“You need to rest Eve,
You need rest,
Don’t stress yourself much please.” He pleaded her,
“Yeah,I know.” She said to him.
“So how did the case go?” She asked him,
Adrian took a deep breathe,
Mr Kingston and his lawyer were arrested today and the worst was that,
Mrs Kingston committed suicide too.” He informed,
Eva gasped.
It was so unfortunate though but things are well in order now.” He said to her,
Adrian wanted to tell her about her mother,
But Diego had warned him not to.
She’s still under stress and it won’t be good to tell her,
Rather whenever she comes back to New York,
She will meet the woman.
With the fact that the woman recalls nothing from her past,so it’s no use rushing into things.

“How’s Davis taking all this?” She found herself asking him,
“It’s bad for him,
He’s just quiet and hadn’t said anything since.
The cops would be sending the corpse over tomorrow evening and the last rite would be carried out by the next morning.” Adrian told her,
“It’s such a pity that thing had to be this way though.
What about Joseph?” She asked Adrian,
“He’s still in jail and I’m not sure he has knowledge about the tragic incident.” Adrian said to her.
I want to be at her last rites.
She’s still my mother in law cause by law,I and Joseph’s marriage hadn’t been annulled by the court.” She pleaded.

“I have to be there and so for Tyler,
We both have to be present at her last rite cause in everything,
She’s still Tyler’s grandmother and I can’t take that relationship away from him.” She said to Adrian.
Checking it,
She’s correct,very correct.
“Okay dear,
I’ll tell Diego to get his driver to come take you guys tomorrow.” He assured her.
Eva was happy though,
This is a medium to tell Joseph the truth about Tyler and set everything right again.

The next evening,
Diego’s driver came to get them,
Eva had packed all the necessary things they need including Tyler voice therapeutical instruments.
Diego’s mom,Mrs Larsen wasn’t happy they were leaving.
“Aunt we’re going to be back before you know it,”
“We’re really going to miss you aunt.” Eva kissed the woman,
“Yeah me too.”
“Now go to the car before I’ll change my mind.” She said playfully,
Eva took Tyler’s hand and walked towards the car with her bumpy stomach.

The next morning every one was present at the gravesite except Eva,Tyler and Adrian.
Davis got the Californian Redwood casket for Davina and was specially produced by Penwell-Gabson Caskets Makers.
The gravesite was the Kingstons Cemetery,
It’s the place the Kingstons had buried their dead for ages.
“Mr Davis,
I’m so sorry for your loss.” This was the only word Davis seemed to be hearing all morning.
Joseph was to arrive later that morning,
That was the time the court officials had permitted him to leave,
Even still,he would use some police escorts if by any chance he tries to escape.
Lauren came too with Zia and her nanny Mess Jane.
“Sir Davis,I’m so sorry for your loss.” Jane said to her boss,
Davis just nodded and took his daughter from her not even taking a glance at Lauren.

When Eva and Tyler finally came,it was early afternoon and the service had just begun.
She was wearing a black flowing gown,
Mostly to hide her visible bump while Tyler was just putting on a black shirt and a black trouser,
His mommy had told him he’d to behave while paying his last respect to his grandmother.
Since she was not bodily endowed, it was easy to hide her bumpy stomach in the gown but when one preen closer,
It would be noticed that she’s pregnant.
Eva and Tyler sat on the second row while Adrian went to pay his respect to the corpse.
She was just looking around when her eyes caught sight of a stranger woman,
She was wearing a scarf,so it was not easy to get a glimpse of her face.
Eva felt a sudden connection to the woman,so she stood up from her seat and walked toward the woman who was at the far end of the second to the last row.

To be continued.

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