June 14, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 49

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 48

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Eva took each step slowly as she walked towards the woman,
Her intense gaze made the woman uncomfortable as she wondered why the younger woman was staring so deep
She adjusted her scarf.
Eva was getting intense,
There’s this feeling inside her,
A feeling she can’t place a finger to.

The woman looks so…
God,its shouldn’t be what she is thinking,
She can’t handle this,
She sure can’t.
With the level of anxiety and nervousness,
She might pass out.
Eva stop.
She’s dead and long gone,
You saw her corpse,
She died in that crash.
Don’t get you hopes too high Eva,
Whatever you do or see,
She ain’t coming back.
A voice told her while the other said the direct opposite of the voice.

It told her to go,
She has to be courageous and brave,
Stay bold and get ready to anything life has to offer.
Even if she isn’t the one she’s looking for,
She should just act like it normal,
Say sorry and move on.
Break out of the comfort zone and try new things.
Be ready to fail,
To fall,
To hurt and to feel pain cause that’s what life’s all about.

Eva discarded the first pessimistic voice and went with the optimistic one,
She’d to go,
There’s no harm in trying.
She gathered every necessary courage and walked toward the woman.
When she got to the pew,
She literarily sat beside the woman.
She doesn’t want to go to forward and end up creating a bad impression first.
“Good day Ma’am.” She greeted the woman,
She became confused.

This same lady who was just staring at her awkwardly some moments ago,
Is not greeting her politely.
“How’re you dear?” Ma’am Lisa asked her,
Eva nodded.
“Any problem miss?” She asked Eva,
She shook her head,
“Pardon my straightforwardness but would you mind,if I ask you to take off you scarf please?
I sense a strong familiarity with you and someone close to me,I had lost a few years ago.” She said to the woman,
The woman was surprised at the request but since asked nicely and very politely,
She felt she should her her request.

Slowly she began to remove her scarf,
While she did that,
Eva became more and more nervous.
Shed even shut her eyes tight while the woman take off the scarf and wondered what was wrong with her.
When she finished,
Her face was open.
It’s her.
She’s the one.
Eva couldn’t control her self and the next thing,she threw a hug around the woman.

Adrian who’d just finished paying his respect to Davina turned and saw what was happening,
He hurriedly walked to the place where Eva and the woman was,
It was clearly visible the woman had no idea on what’s going on,
Cause the expression on her face was far from joy,
Rather she looked surprised.
“Mom.” Eva cried as she hugged the lady tighter.
The woman in return didn’t reciprocate the hug,
Rather she just looked at Eva with a confused face,
What’s wrong with this woman?

While all this happened,
Adrian was stood back and watched,
No other person noticed the emotional scene apart from himself and Diego who was far in the front.
Adrian couldn’t bear it anymore,
He went to Eva and slowly pulled her arms,
“Eve.” He slowly called,
She refused to let go of the woman,
“Eva stop.” He said carefully trying to disentangle her from the woman.
She looked up to Adrian with her tears filled eyes,
“Adrian my mom is alive.”She cried,
” I know Eve,she’s alive but you can’t hug her like that all day long.” He said to her still trying to pull her from the woman,
Who obviously was getting more confused and tired from what Eva was doing.

Slowly,Eva disentangled from the woman then Adrian used the opportunity and pulled her up,
“Eva stop crying please.” He consoled her,
“Adrian,my mom is alive.” She said again.
From her expression one could say she’s surprised,happy and also sad.
It was a mix emotion.

“Ma’am, I’m really sorry for this,” Adrian quickly apologized to the woman,
She nodded,
“It’s no big deal son,
People do mix people up sometimes.” The woman said.
Seeing the emotional trauma Eva was going through,
She felt pity for her.
“She lost her mom?” She asked Adrian,
He nodded,
Still holding Eva to himself.
Both parents died in a plane crash a few years ago.” Adrian brought out his cellphone and showed the woman a photo of Eva’s parents.

Seeing the picture,
The woman was shocked,
The woman in the photo looks exactly like her.
In fact if nor mistaken
“She looks like….”
When did you say they’d the accident?” She asked the Adrian,
“Over four years I guess.” He said rationally,
The woman frowned,
“Four years ago.
Four years ago.
It was like she was trying hard to recall something,
But it wasn’t coming forth.
Seeing shed strained her brain too much,
She gave up,
“My condolences to the decease.” She took her purse and left.
“Mom!” Eva cried as she saw the lady left,
She pulled herself from Adrian and sent after the woman.
“Mom please don’t leave.” She cried till they got outside the Tribute House.
Adrian rushed after her,
“Eva!” He called but she wasn’t paying attention to him.

While they were outside,
Eva refused to let go of the woman’s clothes,
Adrian rushed over immediately and took her hands from the woman.
It was hard for ma’am Elisa to leave seeing how Eva was crying and knowing that she was going through pain.
But Adrian politely asked her to go,
Her staying behind was going to cause more trouble for Eva.
“Please ma’am,
You’ll have to go.” He said to her still holding Eva to avoid her escaping from his grip.
The woman nodded and hastily left.
It was very hard to control Eva and seeing how she was,
Adrian didn’t think it’ll be a good idea staying at the memorial,
So he walked her to Diego’s car and went back inside to get Tyler.
He walked to Diego,
“I gat to go now,
Eva’s having a nervous breakdown.” He whispered to Diego,
The latter nodded cause he’d seen everything from where he was standing.
She needs the rest though.” He said and handed the car keys to Adrian,
“Drive safely.” Adrian took the keys and left the hall.

When ma’am Elisa got to her cabin house that housed herself and her so called husband, their three grown up kids and a twelve year old,
She was tired but nevertheless she was confused.
Confused at what’d happened at the Memorial Service.
About that young woman calling her mom,
Everything stupefied her.
And even seeing herself in the man’s phone….
What’s really happening?
She kept her bag in the bag holder and sat on the poor shack of a sofa she has.
Her living room was neat but visibly old and shaky,
All thanks to her oldest daughter Kerry.
The logs of the cabin house were still strong even though they were old.

“Mommy!” Her twelve year old son rushed to her,
She hug the sweaty boy and kissed his forehead,
“Playing softball again?” She asked him,
He nodded and sat on her legs,
“Where are your siblings?” She asked him,
“Kerry’s preparing lunch while Saffron and Drake went for their afternoon shift.” The boy said,
She took a deep breathe,
“Go get me a glass of water okay.”
The boy stood up immediately and left to get her a glass of water.
“Ellie!” Someone shouted her name from outside,
She stood up immediately.
Her drunken husband is back again as usual to take money and go back to his gambling house.


In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 48

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