July 26, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 7

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(episode 7)
In the morning, we woke up very early and went for morning exercise, when we came back, we were so tired, as soon as we entered the compound we saw Daniel, he was about going out
Me: good morning Daniel
Daniel: good morning angel
Victoria: good morning big brother
Daniel: good morning my little sister, how was the exercise?
Victoria: it was great o men we are so tired right now by the way where are you going to this morning?
Daniel: well am going to work
Victoria: on Saturday? Brother since when did that one start? Because you never go to work on Saturday
Daniel: sweetheart, my boss just called me, he said I should come to the office, so I have to o please, I will see you girls when I come back am already late.
Victoria: today that I thought you will take us to the beach, now we will go alone
Daniel: don’t worry I will come back before you know it, and when I come back I will take you girls out ok
Victoria: aright take care
Daniel: bye (he turn to me) bye angel
Me: bye
Victoria: her name is not angel but Loretta
Daniel: whatever am going
Victoria: (turn to me) and you, you said bye is your name angel?
Me: I guess that’s what your brother like to call me and beside he called you sweetheart, is your name sweetheart
Victoria: abeg make we de go inside am so tired
we laugh went inside take our shower and then went downstairs for breakfast, before we left in the morning, victoria asked me what I will eat as breakfast so that the cook can prepare it , I told her I will like to eat boil yam with egg source and she said that she doesn’t like eating boil yam but the cook will prepare it for me that she will eat noodles with fried eggs, so before we left she told the cook to prepare it for us. When we came downstairs the cook has already serve us out food in the dinner table, we stared eating, woa I like this kind of life, am not doing anything except taking my bathe come downstairs for eating or watching movies.
Victoria: Loretta, please can I taste your food the aroma smell nice
Me: no, no no
Victoria: why
Me: because the last time I check you said that you don’t like boil yam so why do you want to taste it , eat your noodles and your fried egg
Victoria: please na, let me just taste it
Me: ok
I gave it to her, she took some and eat
Victoria: oh my God this food is delicious aunty Janet
Janet: (answered from the kitchen) yes
Victoria: please come
Janet: ok Vicky (she came out) Vicky you called me
Victoria: yes please do you still have this boil yam and egg source in the kitchen?
Janet: yes
Victoria: please bring it for me I want to eat it and please carry this noodles I don’t want to eat it again you can eat it or you give it to Cornelia or Justina
Janet: ok
She left and came back with the food, Victoria started eating the food, I could not talk nor eat my own food, I was just looking her, see the way she is rushing the food like an hungry lion
Me: Victoria is this really you?
Victoria: what do you mean by that
Me: I thought you said you don’t like it
Victoria: well I like it now
Me: please take it easy before it chokes you
I couldn’t control myself from laughing when we finished eating aunty Janet cleared the table, we went to the sitting room to watch African magic as we were watching the movie aunty Cornelia brought my phone because it was ringing guess who the caller was, my step-mother
Me: what is wrong with this woman?
Victoria: who is that?
Me: who else, is it not that wicked woman that calls herself my step-mother
Victoria: your step-mother?
Me: step-mother indeed, I don’t know why she’s calling me
Victoria: see don’t pick that call in fact off your phone
Me: if I off the phone now, she will still call back whenever I on it. She has already given me 73 miss calls
Victoria: Jesus Christ 73 miss calls and yet still she is not tired, don’t worry just copy out your important numbers then off your phone when my brother come back we go out together and buy a new phone and a new sim card you can give the old phone to aunty Justina because she don’t have a phone, let me see how she will call you again
Me: oh thank you very much, you are truly a good friend


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