July 31, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 8

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(episode 8)
As were watching the movie her rang and she pick it
Victoria:good morning my love (she pause) am fine, my night was ok and you (she pause) oh really please come inside (she ends the call and she was smiling as if the person that is coming is a God
Me:who was that?
Victoria: my boyfriend, he is coming inside
Me: Vicky, you have a boyfriend? At this your age and you even invite him to your father’s house
Victoria: is there anything wrong with that
Me: Vicky everything is wrong with that, what if your dad’s comes back or your elder brother comes back
Victoria: I will tell them that is friend
Me: and they will not get angry?
Victoria: no, even my brother knows him
As we were talking, one tall dark skin guy came in, is even handsome sef, I wonder what Victoria sees in him, just look at the way he is staring at me, oh God am I naked?
Victoria: hey darling welcome, please meet my friend Loretta, Loretta meet my boyfriend Moses
Me: good morning Moses
Moses: good morning Loretta, how are you doing?
Me: am doing great
Victoria: em Loretta, you can continues watching the movie, I want to talk with my friend
Me: ok
They went upstairs, they stayed inside the room close to an hour I went to the kitchen to drink water when I came back the telephone in the sitting room was ringing so I rush and pick it
Me: hello
Victoria: is me Vicky please don’t come into the room for now until I come out
immediately she ends the call, she could not even allow me to say something, what is this girl doing inside the room with that guy, I need to know what is going on in that room, how could she order me like that or is it because am staying in their house I pray that the guy will not steal my money that is inside the room, I went upstairs, get close to the door and I heard her saying something like oh my God baby please give it to me, ah you are killing me baby, I love you, you are so hard and I love it. Oh my God is so disgusting, so this girl is sleeping with a guy that is not even her husband yet and even under her father’s roof, ok no problem she will meet me downstairs, I left there went back to the sitting and continued watching the movie till I slept off when I woke up I check the time and It was past two I went upstairs to sleep because my neck was paining me when I got there oh my word this people were still having sex, for how many hours? Is this girl addicted to sex, I went to aunty Janet’s room and sleep till when she came and told that Victoria’s brother is back and I check the time it was past four I went to meet him and I saw victoria coming downstairs with the guy I thought that her brother will ask her who the guy was but he didn’t, she greeted her brother and see the guy off and later came back
victoria: so brother are we still going to the beach again
Daniel: yes are still going, you girls should go and dress up while I eat something
Me: ok
Daniel: aunty Janet please get me something to eat am very hungry
Janet: sir your food is already at the dining table
Daniel: alright thank you very much
We went upstairs to change our clothes, as soon as we entered the room I decided to ask her some questions
me: Victoria is this really you?
Victoria: why do you ask?
Me: you had sex with your boyfriend?
Victoria: yes I really missed him so much that was why I could resist him
Me: oh my God you don’t even have any remorse of what you have done
Victoria: remorse? Why?
Me: firstly he is not your husband and secondly you did it under your father’s roof and do you know and do you even know how many hours you guys have been doing it because the last time I check he came here past eleven and you guys did not even waste time in coming to this room and start doing it
Victoria: yes I know it was just five hours
Me: oh so you know and you even said is just five hours, how many hours were you expecting?
Victoria: like eight hours
Me: Jesus Christ are you sex addicted?
Victoria: no am not, didn’t I told you that he travelled for three week am that I really miss him and beside I couldn’t even get enough of him if not because my brother came and interrupted it
Me: just three weeks and you guys fuck each other for five hours and yet still you couldn’t get enough of him, what if he travelled for three months, like how many hours will it be enough for you
Victoria: what is hours, like two days, see my dear, you need to taste this thing and become a woman
Me: I hear you, please let us dress up and meet your brother downstairs before he changes his mind (while we were dressing up I couldn’t take what was happing off my mind is this girl really Victoria my best friend that I know or is she posses or something, at her age she’s sleeping with a guy under her father’s roof and the funniest part of it her brother didn’t say anything, God what is happening and they will say show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, now they will think am like her, God forbid I can never ever be like her I will make sure that I will keep my body for my husband, come to think of it will I ever get married this one that I do hate having a boyfriend, any way that is by the way I shouldn’t be thinking about that now, what I should be thinking now is how to write jamb and have a very good score and enter the university and graduate then I can think about this again.God please do not allow this girl called my friend to corrupt me because they evil communication corrupt good manners GOD please help me.


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