June 19, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 10

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 10

(You’re not eating)

Romeo’s POV

Today’s meeting was so tiring , it took longer than I expected and Juliet acted well like a well behaved girl that she isn’t.

The flashback of what happened in the elevator came back and burst into laughter. Layla deserved it though but I guess today wasn’t her day coz she met my Julie.

Gosh! Why am I even calling her mine ? I slapped my head a couple of times. That girl will never be mine. She is too troublesome and she isn’t my type.

But she’s pretty , my inner mind said. I can’t believe I’m starting to think about her and let’s hope I won’t fall for her .

It’s really impossible for me to fall and I think I will not fall for anyone coz I’ve never done that before. I haven’t met ‘my type’ of lady yet so I will stay single till further notice.

I walked downstairs and ordered pizza because I was too hungry . Julie wasn’t inside, I guess she is outside because I heard her coming out of her room and she didn’t came back.

“looking for someone,” her sweet but sour voice said. Yeah she got a sweet voice but her words are always sour that’s why I said ‘sweet but sour’.

“Who will I be looking for in my house?” I asked with a raised brow.

“Me obvious,” she said and I chuckled.

“You’re really funny. Do you think I’ll actually go around looking for you?”

“Why not?” She asked curiously.

“Because you’re not worth it,” I said sternly and I could see the look of hurt on her face. Well , I got her and I kinda felt guilty for saying that but I can’t take back my words .

“Really,” she said.

“Yes Miss ,” I replied.

“But you..” she was cut off by doorbell.

“Expecting someone?” She asked.

“Yes ,”I said walking towards the door . I found the delivery man there and paid him then took my box with me.

I placed it on the table and walked to the kitchen to take a glass of juice. When I came back Julie was holding the pizza box already eating.

“Who gave you the permission to take my food,” I asked angrily.

“Is this what you call food?” She questioned back .

“Just answer the damn question,” I growled but she wasn’t moved at all .

“Damn questions are not meant to be answered,” she said softly and I scoffed.

“Give me back my pizza ,” I said but she opened the box and surprisingly there was only one piece left.

“Where are other pieces?” I asked.

“I ate them,” she said chewing.

“What about me because I’m the one who ordered?” I asked.

“Well your mom said you must not eat junkie foods so you’re cooking today,” she said and my jaw dropped.

“I don’t know how to cook ,” I said and she chuckled.

“Then you’re not eating bro.”Oh Lord help me from this bully.

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