August 1, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 11

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 11

(You started this game)

Juliet’s POV

I ate Romeo’s food intentionally, knowing that he was really hungry but I just wanted to frustrate him . I felt pity when he throw himself on the couch after I told him to cook for himself.

I went to the kitchen then prepared mashed potatoes and grilled chicken stuffed with mozzarella. I hope he will like it or else I will order his pizza again.

He looks so exhausted and I’m starting to regret eating his food. I shouldn’t be doing this to him , I just wanted to play hard and enjoy his suffering but I don’t think I’ll keep on doing it.

I heard the grumbling sound of a stomach and looked back to see Romeo drooling.

“Hey , stop drooling,” I said chuckling and he started sniffing around the kitchen like a puppy.

“What are you doing?”I asked hitting his head.

“I’m sniffing around so that I can locate where the food that filled this whole house with it’s sweet aroma is,” he said pouting his cute lips.

“I’ll give you the left overs ,” I said.

“Whaaaaaat?” He screamed and maintained a straight face pretending to be serious.

“You heard me ,” I said and looked away smiling.

“You want to kill me right?”

“Why would I want you dead?” I asked back.

“Then why are you doing this to me ?” He asked in a low tone.

“I just want you to suffer,” I said smirking and he chuckled weakly.

“We shall see who is the boss here,” he said leaning on the wall.

“Hmmmm really?” I asked a bit surprised.


“Sounds interesting,” I said dishing all the food in one plate and took the pots to the sink.

When I looked back to take the plate nobody was inside and the plate was gone .

“Romeo,” I called on top of my voice but got no answer.

I rushed to his room and it wasn’t locked so I got in but nobody was inside. I can’t believe he just tricked me like what I did to him.

I started opening other rooms but I didn’t find him . I gave up and walked downstairs only for me to see him sitting on the couch watching TV with an empty plate in front of him .

“Where is my food?” I screamed at be but he just looked at me and rubbed his stomach smiling.

“You ate my food Romeo?”

“Yes just like what you did,” he said and burped loudly.

“You’ll pay for this.”

“You started this game,” he said and rested his head on the couch.

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