August 2, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 57,58 And 59

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That Should Be Me. Episode 60 And 61
That Should Be Me. Episode 56

Episode 57
Harry’s POV
I carry the next child, just because I wanted to help her. Is my wife to be crazy, or maybe I will be getting married to a psycho. I went to the kitchen, prepared food, set the table and went to call her. She was breastfeeding the baby, so I waited until she was done and we went downstairs with the baby in her arms. She’s scared Lily might come and take him away. I’ll add the guards to protect them. As for me I can take care of myself. It’s just for a week and they leave. After eating I called my mom and she was so happy. My mom loves kids and I hope she won’t spoil my son for me. She also said my bro is home, I have missed him but I can’t go now. I don’t want the press to know my Sofia is travelling. I stopped living in disguise so my life is always on media. Sofia hates that that’s why she hides herself.
Sofia’s POV
I now have to leave in fear of my sisters threat. I’m leaving to protect my son but I think it’s time I use the skills Harry has been teaching me and stand up for myself. I need to come back and run my real dad’s businesses. My aunt said she’s stepping down. Diana is helping a lot and she has started complaining. She said she has a life to live, she wants to enjoy life. I will have to call her we talk before I leave.
????Hi, baby gal
I said when she picked the phone.
????Hi, dear. How are you doing?
????And my baby?
????Fine, can you come over for dinner tonight. We need to talk.
????Okay, I will. Cook something nice.
????Say hi to Harry.
????I will.
I said and hanged up.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 58
Sofia’s POV
I prepared dinner and went to take a shower. I went to the gym to do a little exercise. I have always been going to the gym but reduced the exercise when I got pregnant but I want to start over again. I need to keep fit, to look good for Harry and fit to fight Lily. It’s time I face her and end all this drama. I came out and took another shower. I put on my jean trouser, I had missed it with a pink dress top. I applied lip gloss before going downstairs. Harry was on the couch with his laptop, I walked past him but he grabbed my hand before placing the laptop aside with the other hand.
‘You look good and your lips are tempting. Where are you going?’ he asked looking into my eye.
‘Nowhere, Diana is coming over for dinner,’
‘Can you cancel the appointment,’
‘Why? it won’t be fair to her,’
‘I just want us to be together, I missed you,’ he said with a smirk.
‘Whatever,’ I said and rolled my eyes.
He pulled me closer and I almost landed on the laptop.
‘Honey, your laptop,’
‘Don’t worry about it, we can get another one,’ he said caressing my cheek.
‘I think you two should get a room,’ someone spoke from behind.
I don’t need a prophet to tell me whose voice it was.
I felt embarrassed as I placed my head on his chest. I need to bring back my thoughts before I face her because she has so many questions she will ask.

Episode 59
Harry’s POV
This is the reason I wanted this dinner to be postponed. She always spoils everything. Slowly Sofia sat up and I also sat. I stood, picked my stuffs and walked heading upstairs.
‘Honey, dinner is ready,’ Sofia said behind me.
‘Bring it upstairs,’ I said and looked at Diana giving her a deadly look.
‘It’s not my fault I interrupted your romance,’ Diana said like she was reading my mind while Sofia chuckled. I went to check the baby before going back to work.
Sofia’s POV
I chuckled because Harry and Diana don’t get along. I looked at Diana who had and angry look.
‘Was it my fault I interrupted?’ she complained.
‘It wasn’t, help me set the table while I take his food to him,’ I said changing the topic.
I served the food and went to our door. I knocked because I couldn’t open the door. He opened and helped me placing the food on the table. I placed what I had and turned around to meet him rested on the door.
‘Baby your food,’
‘I know but you don’t expect me to eat alone?’
‘Let’s go and eat downstairs,’
‘Not when she destroyed my mood,’
‘It wasn’t her fault,’
‘Whatever, just tell her this is our house,’
‘I can’t tell her. We will just discuss business and then she leaves,’
‘How many hours?’
‘I don’t know. Move I want to pass,’
‘Just come and pass,’
‘I’m not a ghost, I can’t pass through you,’
Harry’s POV
I pulled her to myself before she thinks of another excuse. She beautiful and different from all the girls I met before her.
‘You aren’t letting me go, huh?’ she asked biting her lips.
‘My kiss, before you make me go crazy,’
‘Don’t touch me then, because Diana is waiting for me downstairs,’
Diana again, that girl is such a killjoy.
I lifted my hands not to be tempted because she can be a temptation. I understand why Samson was brought down by Delilah.

That Should Be Me. Episode 60 And 61
That Should Be Me. Episode 56

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