July 28, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 60 And 61

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 60
One week later
Sofia’s POV
The plane landed and we were driven to the house. It was big and beautiful but I miss Harry already. I was welcomed by his mom who took the baby and I rolled her in while the maids handled the bags.
She led the way to the room. It was big with a queen sized bed in the middle.
‘This is Harry’s room when he comes and he said we prepare it for you,’ she said with a smile.
‘Thank you mum,’ I said and also smile.
‘Welcome my daughter, make yourself comfortable then come downstairs food will be ready,’ she said handing Roy to me. I went inside, placed the baby in the crib and fell on the bed. I’m tired after the long trip. I woke up later and opened each door present in the room.
The first door was the bathroom. The second was the gym and I smiled before closing it. The third was a kitchen though small.
I can be warming the baby’s water without disturbing anyone.
I took my shower, before Roy. After his birth I fed him and placed him to sleep before going downstairs. Everyone was on the table and this is my first time meeting his brother. I have been hearing things about him as the best brother. He is just as handsome as Harry.
‘Hello dad, mum and Ramon,’ I greeted with a smile.
‘You are the famous Sofia, right?’ Ramon asked and I was shocked.
‘Famous, ain’t a celebrity,’ I said.
‘You don’t leave mom’s mouth let alone my brother’s,’ he said with a smile.
‘Have a sit my dear and eat. You look thin, I think Harry forgot his responsibility of feeding you,’she said and dad chuckled.

Episode 61
Sofia’s POV
I served myself and picked the spoon to start eating when mom stopped me.
‘You are breastfeeding, you need energy that food is so little,’ she said and filled my plate. Ever since I was young we used to argue with mum because of food. The mention of her, I miss her so much. I’ll call her once done.
‘It’s enough,’ I said.
‘Do you want my grandson to be thin and moved by wind. You need strength and nutrients. I’m keeping you company until you at done,’ she said and smiled.
‘Can you bring him, I haven’t seen him,’ Ramon said.
‘No don’t carry him, you go bring me another grandchild,’ mom said and dad laughed.
‘I will go with him to the states and keep me company,’ he said.
‘You want to spoil him, he isn’t going anywhere. Why am I even scared, Harry can’t allow,’ mum said and we all laughed. I ate half the food and I was full.
I want to leave but I can’t come up with an excuse. I feel sleepy, Harry would have fed me and carried me to our room. That’s what he does when I refuse to eat.
I looked at my watch and back to them.
‘Can I go with the food to my room? It’s time to feed him,’ I said.
‘Don’t worry yourself, just go at least Ramon will make himself useful and bring you the food,’ mom said and Ramon gave her a deadly stare.
‘You can’t kill me with your eyes. The next word I want from you is, ‘Mom I have impregnated a girl’. I will be happy,’ she said mockingly and I left the table to my room.
It’s good I came because Roy was crying.
‘Oooh my poor baby, mommy is back,’ I said and picked him up.
Just then there was a knock on my door and I went with him to open the door.
‘Come in,’ I said to Ramon who smiled before placing the food on the table.
‘Can I carry him?’ he asked walking closer.
I handed him the baby and went to sit.
‘I’ll bring him back. Don’t mind mum,’
‘It’s fine,’ I said with a smile and he left.

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