August 3, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 10

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After series of heart debate, his project won. He need’s the lecturer to sign those papers and give him his score ASAP. He wouldn’t like his six years in school to be wasted like that and more so adding to the fact it was against his fathers wish. So if certainly, he fails, his father will brag and boast like he always does insinuating him to be a Looser.

Unfortunately, it seems lucks weren’t by his side that very day . Mr. Kevin dismissed him as soon as he entered his office. This was because he was two hours behind schedule.

And for him to get another opportunity to get him review his project, it will have to take him time and resources.

Nevertheless, he headed back to
the Hospital. The Lady was still unconscious but then, he met and discussed with the doctor at
his office. The Doctor confirmed that she would wake up soon but sadly, she won’t be able to walk so soon because the accident impacted a broken bone at her right leg. This was really sad to hear, but Glory be to God that she will not die.

He said within his mind. Slowly, he walked to her ward again. She was into a drip and her right leg was heavily bandaged. He felt guilty for putting the innocent lady in such a condition.

He sat on a stool beside the bed and kept staring at her. For once , he acknowledged another beautiful Lady apart from his beloved sister. Despite the fact she was looking haggard yet still, her beauty showed like a diamond into his eyes. He held her hand and rubbed it softly

“I am sorry I placed you in this condition, I promise I am going to make it up to you. All you have to to is to survive” he said

For several minutes, he kept glaring at her in admiration. Her beauty was alluring and her cheek were perfect. He kept wishing she would open up her eyes at that very moment.

It took the ringing of his phone to draw him back to perceptibility. He checked the caller and it was Mirabell his sister.


“Hello my sweetheart. How are you?” He said weakly

“I am fine , just that i haven’t seen you since you left in the morning. So how are you too?” she asked

“I am fine” he replied but then, his mood and voice betrayed him

“You are not okay, your voice is not normal. You are………”

“I am fine”

“Okay , what about our deal?”she asked

“Mira, can we forget about it for the mean time. I will make it up to you please” he pleaded

“Bro, are you sure you are okay. Because this is unlike you” Mirabell retorted as he tried replying, a nurse walked in

“Sorry I have to go now. The nurse is here” he said unguardedly.

Before ending the call being blithe of the implication of what he said.
At the mention of the name nurse, Mirabell grew restless and apprehensive, could it be that his brother is in the Hospital? For what cause? She kept asking herself as she walked up and down her room with out a reply.

No! she preferred her father lying on the Hospital bed than her Brother.

She felt really sad adding to the fact that she had a bad day at school because Harry behaved as if he had not known her while she on his side was busy making herself all attractive for him.

She had worn her most beautiful dress and her make up was magnificent. This was for the purpose of attracting him, but nevertheless it failed.

You need to to see the whield look on their faces when they bumped into each other at the library. She was feeling nervous and tensionized unknown to her that he too was in the same condition.
He only managed to say “Hi” before walking pass her.

Her brother is a guy just like her crush so she need a piece of advice from him. That was why she called to remind him of their deal tonight so she will get to discuss her problem with him and gain his advice , but sadly he disappointed which was the opposite of the very brother she use to know.


“Guy I can’t stop laughing at you, you just messed up” Luke retorted looking at Harry who was sitting on the bed.

“How?” Harry asked popping eyes on him

“Why are you running away from her?” he asked as he remembered what happened in school earlier


Actually, Luke had been with his friend Harry at the school. When after eating their launch at the
school cafeteria, they headed straight to go to the library but on their way, they spotted Mirabell
walking toward the cafeteria with her two friends.

That instant, Harry turned around immediately and began to walk away as fast as his legs could carry him so as to avoid her gaze.

Luke couldn’t help but laugh aloud before following him behind. As if that wasn’t enough. They met her again while coming out from the library and it was so very funny that he was so timid and shy even to the extent of looking into her eyes because she was extremely pretty. All he got to say was “Hi” and left with eyes stucked to the
floor as if searching for a missing jewelry.


“That girl is crazy about you did you know?.” Luke retorted

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