August 5, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 9

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♥️????♥️THE POWER OF LOVE ♥️????♥️
????????????Episode 9????????????


All she could do when Harry left was to snarl at him and then walk away.

Just then, Felix walked into her room and observed her for a moment

“I haven’t seen you smile for some days now and that is making me sad. All you does is to sit here, if not crying then thinking as you are doing right now” Felix retorted as he sat beside her and crossed his hand around her shoulders.

“What is it? Is it still about that birthday night?” He asked

“I broke up with Owen” she replied resting her head on his shoulder.

“Well , that’s not bad. What he did proves the fact that he is not worthy enough for your heart.”

“But I don’t know why I am feeling bad about it.”

“You will get over it soon. Just forget about him.”

“Okay . Those are the words i want to hear at this moment. You are the best brother ever” She forced a little smile for her brother.

He is always her back bone and source of encouragement. He is at his best defending her from who so ever that is wanting to attack her. Be it their parents or other people. Several times have he engaged in a fist fight because of her and he is still ever willing to be doing that at any point in time to see she is fine.

“Don’t worry little sister, when i am done with tomorrow’s project, i will take you out and you will forget all your sorrows.” He retorted

“Are you sure? Promise?” She asked with her bright eyes glaring at him. She loves it when ever they goes out together.
In candid, it seems he is the only one who understands her.

“Well lets make that a deal. If you smile for me, I will fulfil the promise” He demanded.

Without a waste of time, she stretched out her hand for a hand shake “and that’s a deal.” She said smiling broadly as they shook hands

“Don’t you know you always look more beautiful when you smile?”
Felix grinned

“Naughty boy” She said hitting him playfully

“What! You hit me? You are gonna hear from me now!” He exclaimed and then carried her up to his shoulders playfully and the whole house was filled with their laughter. It took Flora to walk into the room and scream at them before they quit playing.


The next day, Felix was to submit his project to his lecturer at his office. He was almost late so he will have to drive as fast as possible but then he mistakenly hit a lady who ran into the middle of the road without looking.

His heart skipped double beats as the lady rolled up from the bonnet to wind screen of his car and later to the ground. He halted the vehicle immediately and rushed out praying a silent prayer.

The lady laid helplessly and lifelessly on the floor.

He was definitely astonished and scared.

Scratching his head was the continuous action he took while staring at her and thinking of the best thing to do. Shortly , three hefty men ran out from the bush.

The exact point the lady had ran out from before being hit by his car. It now dawn on him that she was being pursued. With no hesitation, he carried her in bridal style into his car and then speeded off as if he was competing in a fast and furious race.

Within few minutes, he arrived at a Hospital. He signed the necessary
document and she was placed at the emergency ward for immediate attention. He was left walking up and down from one pillar to the other. It was obvious he was restless, he can’t bring himself together to decide on what to do.

What if she didn’t make it? Will he be called a murderer?
Will her blood be upon him? What was she even thinking to have ran into a car without double checking the road? Were those three hefty men after her? Why?

All those question and so many more kept hijacking his thought without an answer.

Finally , he remembered that he had a project to submit and its eminent he submits it that very day.
He was now trapped in delimma.. He don’t know if to go for his project or stay to know the out come of the lady.


Its obvious this guy don’t know i videod him. He thought that it was only the three hefty men that
saw him. I pity him shaa. What do you think?

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