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Addicted To Him. Episode 111 to 115

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired

Episode 111

Anderson POV

I never knew Miguel was this care free and loving too he treats me and jenny like family

Most times I call him bro because he treats me like one.

I use to see him like an introvert boss before

Never knew he was just hard on the outside but soft on the inside

He was awarded the school number one hotty because of his Greek god looks while I came second

I love jenny so much and I have future plans for our relationship too but am not disclosing it yet

Miguel POV

Me mum sawyer her mom, jenny and Anderson went to the park to have fun

Mum and sawyer’s mom went to the ice cream spot I guess they having fun and discussing too

Getting along

We went roller coaster riding

Anderson and sawyer kept puking

Next stop was the juggler one of most dangerous ride ever created

Jenny and sawyer kept screaming their lungs out

I was not scared tho Andre closed his eyes and yelled making me laugh

This ride is amazing sawyer puked again

Jenny had tears in her eyes as she held on to the seat tightly

We came down from the ride as the rest people were looking weary

” move along peeps we ain’t done test riding yet ” I said nonchalantly.. As the rest groaned

Next stop was the devil’s awaken, a dangerous ride that will make you puke your intestine

I almost puked too but Andre seems to be enjoying this ride

Jenny and sawyer looked pale
Girls and they called their selves superior beings

Ptweew what a poser

Next stop ⛔ the trouble maker ride.
This ride takes you up high then spin You round very fast till you can’t feel your intestines’

By the time we stepped outta the ride everyone looked messy

I helped them to where mum was

The moment mom saw them she almost burst out laughing

“Oh my goodness what happened to them” mum asked trying to suppress her laughter

“We got whooped mom” sawyer said

“Let me go get you guys something to eat” sawyer’s mom said and walked away laughing

“So much for being superior beings ” Anderson said mockingly

“Don’t even bother” jenny said with and eye roll and leaned on sawyer’s shoulder

Sawyer’s mom came back a short while with a strange looking man, wait he looked like me.

Mum stood up in shock immediately she saw this man

“Edward ” she whisper as silent tears roll down her eyes

“Gloria ” he said with weary eyes

Everyone was silent and lost too

“Okay what’s going on here mom who is this man” I said looking at my mom

“Miguel?? Son is that you? ” he said

Making me dumbfounded



Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 112

Sawyer’s POV

“Son? ”

Did I hear him well?

“Lol who is your son? Sorry there must be some mistake somewhere ” Miguel said looking at his mom for answers but she wasn’t saying anything

“Am so sorry my boy for leaving you all this years with your mom, its wasn’t intensional please ???? find a place in your heart to forgive me” he said with tears ????

“Dammit old man!! My father is dead so please go and look for your son else where mom you not saying anything can you fucking tell this man am not his son” Miguel yelled

“Calm down Miguel don’t talk to your mom like that ” Anderson said

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down ” he screamed at Anderson

“Am so sorry Miguel please ???? I never meant for things to be this way but am afraid he is saying the truth, Edward is your biological father ” his mom dropped the biggest bomb

“What!! ” I spit out my drink

“No mom that’s not possible my father is dead to me this man here can’t be my father, never ” he yelled with blood shut eyes

“Calm down Miguel and hear him out” I said

But he ended up yelling at me too

“Stay out of this sawyer ” he growled at me

“Please Miguel relax this is not the right place for this let’s all go home am sure we gonna talk about this properly ” my mom said trying to calm Miguel but he was really ???? mad

“No mrs brown this man is not coming to my house ” he said with anger ???? running through his veins

“Son please ???? forgive me I promise am gonna explain myself ” the man said but Miguel wasn’t bothered

“Leave this place right now or am gonna do something terrible to you, ion care if I get arrested ” Miguel groaned quietly

He look like he was gonna cry any moment

“Please Miguel you taking it too far lets just hear what he has to say” his mom cried

Miguel POV

“You know what guys lets go am tired Of this drama” I said angrily as I picked up my car keys

Am so sick from all this drama he can’t show up from nowhere and claim to be my father after 25years

Not happening

” you can stay with your long lost husband if you want but I don’t wanna ever see him close to me ” I said

And walked out while the guys trailed behind into total silence

I know I owe them apologies for my rude behavior towards them but right now I can’t think straight I just need to get away from this drama

God knows how much I went through in those trying times

It became vulnerable to arm robbers because I had nowhere to go would have given up on life but I didn’t and God used my suffering to bless me and cody

Now he thinks he can’t just walk into our life’s whenever he feels like

Ion know about my mom but ion need him in my life

I’m happy even without a father


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 113

Mrs Gloria POV

I know Miguel is pretty mad at me and Edward he has every right to be.

He deprived him of a smooth childhood

So I won’t blame him If he hates him

Right now we driving home in silence even sawyer seem lost, I guess she is also supprise at the event of the day

Anderson and jenny went on his car
Sad too

The fun day turned out to be not so fun

Miguel keeps hitting the steering with frustration and angry

I felt bad instantly ion know how to comfort him maybe everything was truly my fault

Miguel POV

Immediately I got home sawyer came down from the car without waiting for me to park the car and left to her house

She didn’t say anything to me guess she is also angry at me

” Miguel dear please try and talk things with your parents and don’t be too hard on your self” her said patting my shoulder before leaving for her house

I nodded
Didn’t spare my mom a glance as

I walked slowly to me and sawyer’s favorite spot at my garden

I ???? punch the oak wood in anger how dare him come back to my life after everything he did

After he left us to die of starvation

If he ever come close to me I might kill him,,

Thinking of all the trying moments

I couldn’t help but let my pains out through my tears

Am like a wounded lion right now, it hurts So much I had to pull through so much as a teenage boy

Lived on the street like orphans simply because this same man told our landlord that he doesn’t have anything to do with us that we should be chased out before

he disappeared never to be seen or heard of again until today

I don’t care what his reasons are, he can never take the place of a father in my heart

I cried even more before I felt a very tender touch on my shoulder

Sawyer’s POV

I stood close to my window as I watch him cry at the garden

Miguel is such a nice person he doesn’t deserve such pain at all

Silent tears roll down my cheek as I watched him for the window

I raced downstairs to our backyard and followed the back entrance of his mansion to the garden

There he was looking like a kid that was abandoned by his mom

Walked quietly to his back and placed my hands on his shoulder he turned immediately and looked at me

His eyes we’re so red from crying
I pulled him up and hugged him to myself

“Its OK Miguel am here for you, I promise we gonna go through this together my love ” I said and patted his back

He sobbed even more on my shoulder

“Please my love stop it am gonna cry too if you don’t stop” I murmured

“It hurts sawyer it hurts so badly ” he said quietly


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 114

Unknown POV

“Is it ready? ” I asked

“Yes boss” my crook replied

“Good tell your men about the plan, we have to kill him and take over his wealth and his woman too” I said.

And burst into a devilish laugh
Sorry Miguel but your days of shine is over

I will make sure you suffer a painful but slow death for what you did to me

Keep calm your end is near

Miguel POV

Sawyer took me to the only bench in the garden

She left for the house and came back shortly with a first aid kit, he treated my bleeding knuckles which I didn’t noticed

After that she gave me a glass of water which I drank immediately

I was so tensed at the moment

“Wanna talk about it dear!? ” sawyer asked with concern

“He is not worth talking about sawyer, he is and will forever be my past ” I said and rested my head on her shoulder

“Okay fine I understand but Atleast just hear him out am sure he has his reasons for leaving ” she said while I kept quiet

“Please my love just do this for my sake” she said and kissed my knuckle

“Hmmn you think?? ” I asked unsure of my decision

“Yes dear, nobody is perfect everyone is bound to make mistakes we just have to see em as God’s plans “she said and I saw sense in what she said

“I love you sawyer I wonder how my life would be without you ” I said and stood straight

“Come with me dear” she said

I nodded and followed her out of the garden

Jenny’s POV

I arrived at my apartment sad and confused too, poor Miguel. I understand perfectly what he must be going through

I grabbed hold of the door handle but something seem off, it like someone broke into my apartment

I walked in quietly and shut the door strange the lights we’re off

“Anderson is that you? Hello is anyone there “I said alittle bit scared I heard sounds in the kitchen

I turned immediately and walked towards the kitchen, I turned on the lights strange it was a broken glass cup, I walked into the kitchen and bent slightly to pick up

The glass but the door got shot immediately including the windows oh my days what’s going on

I raced to the door and tried to open it but it was looked from outside

” who is there?? Let me out, this joke is not funny anymore ” I said banging on the door but it still didnt open

I heard faint laugh ???? from the living room that must be the person that locked me in

Suddenly smoke started coming outta ever corner of the kitchen at first I thought it was normal smoke but when I inhaled it was a dangerous chemical, I kept on banging on the door till I saw a face that shocked me to the bone

I staggered backwards

“…. You?? I manage to say as I was starting to loose consciousness

It won’t be long before the chemical kills me

I remember I had my phone, I faintly dialed first number on my call log which was Andre

He picked almost immediately but I was too weak to talk the only thing that escaped my mouth was “save me”

“Please save me he is gonna kill me” I said

And blacked out


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 115

Anderson POV

I got home a short while not after dropping jenny at her place

I raced upstairs to my room, I really need a shower

Miguel must be going through a hard time right now, its not easy to be abandoned for good 25years

I just hope he fight it and make peace with his family even though that Man doesn’t deserve Miguel’s forgiveness

He is a bad example of a father, I just hope he is okay

Was about pulling my shirts when my phone rang it was jenny

I quickly picked up and placed it on my ear

Before I could say hello
I heard her faint voice, it was like she was struggling to talk

Save me ” she said and repeated it again

Please Save me he is gonna kill me ” she said


I pulled back my shirt and ran out of the house as different thoughts ran through my mind. Entered my car and zoomed outta sight in full speed…

I arrived at her place and ran into her house, the place smells of gasoline

The place looked scattered,

I checked her rooms and her backyard but I couldn’t find her

I raced back to the living room sweating

I ran my hands into my hair in Faustration

“Jenny where are you!! ” I yelled

Suddenly I was hearing faint sounds from the kitchen

That was the only place I didn’t check

I tried opening the door but it was locked had to break it down

Behold jenny was lying helplessly on floor of the kitchen filled with so much chemical

I rushed to her and carried her

“Jenny am here please open your eyes ” I said shaking her

Who did this to her

“Anderson ” was the only thing she said before she pasted out again

I wasted no time in rushing towards my car with her.

I brought the engine to life before speeding outta sight to the hospital


I didn’t bother to park my car as I raced towards the entrance of the hospital

Shouting at the nurses and doctors who took her from me immediately and rushed her to the emergency ward

I felt the urge to cry, have never been inlove with anyone before

I love her so much should anything happens to her am gonna kill myself

I brought out my phone and placed a call across sawyer

Sawyer’s POV

I took Miguel inside his house immediately the Mom saw Miguel condition she shed silent tears

Miguel later apologized to her and promise to talked to his dad, while his mom promise to set things right and recorrect her wrongs

We we’re still on it when I received a phone call from sad ???? Anderson

“Oh my goodness where is she now,.. You know what am coming right away. City hospital? Okay am on my way” I said as tears threatened to fall how can this be

“What’s wrong sawyer “Miguel asked with concern

“Jenny was rushed to the hospital a while ago ” I said

” what!???? Miguel and his mom screamed at the same time

“How is that possible, ” his mom asked

“That’s what am going to find out ” I said standing up

“We are coming with you ” Miguel said
As we rushed out

Poor jenny ????

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