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Addicted To Him. Episode 116 to 120

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 116

Anderson POV

Sawyer shortly with Miguel his mom later her own mom joined

Still the doctors ain’t saying anything yet

This is getting me more worried ????

I crashed to the chair with my head low

“Anderson please put your self today, am sure she is gonna be okay soon’ Miguel said patting my shoulder

Soon the doc came out and asked us to see him in his office

We all raced to his office immediately

” sorry mr Anderson but you can in with her a bit late, she had inhaled too much of a dangerous chemical causing her molecules to slow down, she might slip into coma any moment from now and that’s gonna be bad new. You guys need to do all you can to wake her before the next 72hours or else she’s gonna sleep for a long time ” he said

I couldn’t hold my self anymore had to cry Miguel placed my head on his shoulder and comforted me

We went to the door of her ward, there she laid helplessly, am gonna try all my possible best to wake her

“I will go in first ” I said and pulled opened the door and walked in quietly

I knelt before her and looked at her pretty pale face the only sound you would hear was beeping sounds from the monitor
I took her hand into mine and kissed em

“Baby Its me Anderson, your hotty I know you can hear me please wake up we need you I need you girl” I said and looked at her face but still nothing

I tried other tactics but still nothing happened, had to walk out sadly

The rest came in and tried their luck but still the same thing

We stayed at the hospital till dawn except Miguel’s mom who went home eventually hoping she would wake up

There is nothing we had not tried

Sawyer and Miguel left to take their bath before coming back here

Miguel’s POV

The doctor said something about dangerous chemical and I matched it with what Anderson said

I think someone or something wanted to kill her but who would that be

As far as I know jenny is a sweet person she doesn’t have any enemies none that I know of

Sawyer dozed off in car, she looked tired ????

Had this feeling like someone was Trailing me
I looked through the rare view

But surprisingly a red SUV was Trailing me, it takes any turn or move I make

I better outsmart them
They messed with the wrong person
I added more turbo and zoomed outta sight towards an other direction

“Wake up sawyer said tapping her hastily

She blinked her eyes repeatedly before opening them

“What is it Miguel and why are you driving so fast ” asked innocently

“Someone has been following us for s mile now, ion know who they are or what they want I just had to take another route
I think we lost them ” I said looking at the rare view mirror

I parked the car for a sec to catch my breath haven’t drive like this before

“Am scared Miguel let’s go home ” she said holding my right arm

“Its okay baby calm. Down, I know a short route to our street without being followed by those goons” I said starting the car again

The short route I was talking about was through davis town the notorious street

I don’t have a choice we just have to take that road

“Hold on tight sawyer we going through davis town ” I said and zoomed off

“But but… Davis town isn’t a safe place to follow ” she panicked

” calm down dear” I assured


Hopefully we made it pass davis town without been stopped by those notorious thugs

finally we got to our street, I dropped sawyer at her doorstep first before driving into the garage

What’s really going on??


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 117

Unknown POV

“Am sorry boss we lost them ” he said

I got angry instantly

“You did what!!!! You bloody baboon how dare you show your shameful self here, I gave you a simple task to capture those brats but you failed. How do you want your punishment ” I growled

“Am so sorry boss please give another chance ” he said but second chance ain’t in my dictionary

“Say hi to the devil ” I said and shut him in the stomach

I ordered my men to drag his pitiful body outta my sight

Which they did, I guess am just gonna do it myself

Sawyer’s POV

After whay happened today and also with jenny fear grip me

I looked back before entering my apartment I feel like someone is watching me

When I looked back there was no one there

I got to my room and quickly took off my clothes and entered the jacuzzi tub

Hmm that’s what I needed at the moment.

After the warm shower section I changed into a more comfortable clothes, and laid back on my bed waiting for Miguel to come pick me up

i closed my eyes abit soon I drifted off to dream land

Miguel POV

This is becoming more complicating

Why were those men trailing me??

Gush I need to be very careful same as sawyer, we don’t know who or what is behind all of this.

I bathe and changed into some denim jeans and a white tee shirt

Took my phone and car keys before walking downstairs

I brought the car outta the garage and parked infront of sawyer’s house

I pressed the horn for good three times but there was no sign her coming out.

Had to step outta my car and walked in quietly to her room

There she was sleeping ???? and cuddling her neckroll

Smiles she looked like a little ???? angel

“Wake up sleepy ???? head ” I said and spank her ass playfully

She groaned and pouted cutely before opening her eyes

“Miguel?? ”

“Your one and only” I smiled revealing my dimple

She stood up immediately and rubbed her eyes with both hands

“Come baby let’s go ” I said taking her hand

“No Miguel “she groaned and draw me to her making me crash my lips on hers

I wanted to take it away but I ended up kissing her passionately

Don’t blame me, my girlfriend is irresistible

She deepen the kiss as my hands came in contact with her b***bs

She trailed her fingers through my hair ruining my perfect hairstyle

I trailed kisses on her neck and ear lobe making her shiver into my touch

She brought her hands to my jean and brought it down

I groaned softly as I felt my hardness

She rocked my beast with her soft palm making it more hard.

Soon we we’re both naked as we had another hot section of sex

Before leaving for the hospital after catching our breaths and changed our clothes too


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 118

Anderson POV

Jenny has not woken up yet, and its getting me scared

Just then an idea ???? struck me

“Sawyer do you remember what jenny said the other at school? ” I asked sawyer who was seated close to Miguel

“Hmm not really, or is it about the wedding stuff she was talking about? ” she answered

“Exactly come with me guys I think I know how to wake her up ” I said and stood up immediately while they trailed behind

We got to her ward a short while, I walked closer to her as Miguel and sawyer stood still watching me

“My love wake up sawyer is getting married tomorrow, if you don’t fight this how will you be able to attend it remember you swore to attend her wedding no matter what, why are you breaking your promise now ” I said sadly

Miguel and sawyer kept looking at me in shock

I did a don’t worry sign with my hand

Suddenly something miraculous happened her hand moved

At first I thought it was my imagination but its true she moved

“Oh my goodness it worked ” sawyer screamed hugging Miguel

“Wow this is unbelievable Andre”Miguel exclaimed

I jumped up happily and ran to call the doctor who came a short while

I could tell he was also supprised

We were asked to wait outside while she was been attended to,…

My joy knew no bound

Why didn’t I think of that all this while


Miguel POV

The doctor came out and told she was awake and okay

We rushed into her ward later and truly

she was awake and bit strong
Anderson rushed her with hug as jenny sobbed

Sawyer too sat on the edge of her bed and embraced her too
It was a sight to behold

“Thank goodness you are okay how are you feeling now ” I said with my hands shovel deep into my pocket

“Am fine thanks to you guys And what did I hear about marriage ” she said as we burst into laughed

“Tell us baby what really happened how did you end up locked in the kitchen? ” Anderson asked

Immediately she heard that her face went sore

“What’s wrong bestie? ” sawyer said

“When You left me infront of my apartment I had the feeling someone was inside the house. At first I thought it was you guys trying to play a prank on me but when I looked around it was no prank at all, suddenly I heard sounds from the kitchen immediately I rushed inside the kitchen someone locked the door immediately from the outside I tried to open the door but instead it started licking gas everywhere that was when I saw my worst nightmare ” she sobbed

“Oh my God who did you see? Talk to us dear” Anderson asked eagerly

“I saw him, my ex” she said still crying
Okay this is becoming more confusing

“Tell jenny who is this ex you speak of” I asked

“Yes please tell us” sawyer added

She hesitated for a while before she dropped the bomb

“It was JOE ¡!!!!! ” she yelled out tears




Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 119

Sawyer’s POV


But. But.. I thought he was locked up, how did he excape??

Fear grip me instantly at the thought of it

“No way it can be possible, joe is in jail” Miguel said finding hard to believe what he heard

“Swears I know what I saw, it was joe he was the one that tried to kill me” she said

“I better call the general right away joe must be caught fast before he tries to harm any of us” Miguel said bringing out his phone to call the general

“How dare you joe,!! He has bitten more than he can chew, let me get my hands on him first ” Anderson growled angrily
With venom in his voice

Miguel was busy talking to the general when my phone rang it was from a private number at first I never wanted to pick it up but I had to

Then the scariest voice came up it was joe

????hello baby girl nice to hear from. You again ” he said from the other side with a grin

????what do you want from me joe haven’t you done enough ” I said angrily

Immediately I mentioned his name everyone placed their attention at me

????i didn’t call to receive your sermon miss, I just have some news for you, if you want to see your mom and Miguel’s mom alive come and meet at the old fish warehouse by ten. Make sure don’t invite the cobs failure to do that will result to the death of your mother ” he said laughing sarcastically

???? leave them Alone please they haven’t done anything wrong to you please ” I said with shaky hands

Miguel snatched the phone from me with anger and tried to talk to joe but he hang up

I told them what he had said, this got Miguel really angry
I tried my mom’s line but it was switched off

“Its true joe escaped from prison and that’s bad news” Miguel said with an expressionless face
Jenny started crying

“Am coming with you sawyer I can’t let you go and meet him alone” Miguel said

Anderson wanted to come along too but we asked him to wait behind .

“If You doesn’t hear from us in the next one hour then please call the cobs and give them this chip they know what to do with it” Miguel said handing over a chip I wonder what’s on it

Anderson nodded and collected it from Miguel

“Sawyer please be safe for me” jenny said sadly


Miguel POV

In case you don’t know I have a registered gun in my possession

I never thought I would use it one day, but right now am not thinking straight not when it comes to the most important people in my life ion take shit

I drove home with sawyer we need to prepare for whatever is coming, this time joe is going down for good

Sawyer’s house was in a total mess as the whole place was turned upside down

We manage to go upstairs to her room and get a few things before going back to my place

Soon we were ready I shoved the gun at the back of my shirt ???? so sawyer doesn’t see it

We got to the old fish warehouse by ten sharp, the place rick of rotten fish

Eww how doesn’t one survive here
The place was pitch black, the lights came on immediately.
Mum and sawyer’s mom we’re trapped in a cement box with the mixer ready to pour cement on the and seal em up.

We rushed to them
But they were unconscious, I wonder what he did to them.
Am so gonna kill him myself

“Mom!! Mom!! ” sawyer yelled hitting the box but they were unconscious

“We need to get them outta here ” I said looking for how to bring the out when a voice stopped me

“Not so fast lover boy ” joe said with a devilish grin

“What do you want joe let them go, I can’t believe you can be this cruel to even try to harm your mom” I said angrily

“She is not my mother!! ” he barked

“Joe please let them go, its me you want not them please I even followed your instructions and didn’t call the cops” sawyer panicked

“Like I care bitch I brought you here to finish what I started which is to kill you both for ruining my life ” he said and brought out his pistol

He out smarted me and pulled sawyer to him before placing the gun at her skull

“Don’t Even come close Miguel or you kiss your girlfriend goodbye” he said with Bloodshot eyes

“Calm down joe let’s talk about this please drop the gun” I said trying to gain his attention

” shut the fuck off Miguel, you have always got what you ever wanted, you are  handsome and a young billionaire with families too but what did I get!!  ”  he yelled at me

“Easy joe let’s talk about this please we don’t have to resolve this with violence ” I said gently trying to keep him busy to buy time

“Miguel?? ” sawyer asked with a surprised face

Am sure she most be thinking about what joe said

“Oops sweetie looks like your boo boo is keeping his wealth away from you, well he is the second richest guy in south america, staying in Beverly hills to hide his real identity. I thought couples don’t keep secret from each other ” he said with a mockery laugh

Sawyer had that expressionless face

“Am sorry sawyer I will explain everything to you later, ” I said to her

“That’s  if there is gonna be a next time any last word sweetie?? ” he said and crock the gun

But sawyer was smart enough and kicked him right in the forbidden zone

Making him loose his target, sawyer ran to me
He try to shoot us again but I was quick to shoot his left shoulder making him drop the gun.

He groaned in pain as the cobs came to our rescue immediately

I hugged sawyer

“Miguel watch out!! ” I heard someone say

Before I could turn I heard a gunshot

I turned it was joe and he was holding a gun with shaky hands
Suddenly I saw he was shot at the  tummy he fell down immediately

Ahh thank goodness

It was  a police officer that shot him

Victory at last!!!


Written ✍ by feathers inspired

Episode 120

Sawyer’s POV

Finally all this problems are gone for good

Everything is back to normal.

Miguel finally told me everything about him that I never knew.

I can’t believe am a girlfriend to a billionaire and I never knew all this while

I was angry at him at first but after much Begging I forgave him.

Now here we are preparing for signing out.

Graduation day and school photo day is also tomorrow

Can’t wait jenny has been discharged,
We are free to do whatever we want now that joe is outta our lives for good

Right now we are the beach resort with everyone, that’s the only place we need now to clear our minds and cody is here too

He is building sand castle by the beach, Miguel and Anderson went surfing

Just me and jenny laying under the sun to tan our skin

“Hey best, Anderson said he has a surprise for me tomorrow I wonder what it is” jenny said applying lotion to her skin

“Yeah same goes for Miguel he also said he has a surprise for me tomorrow which is graduation day but I know whatever it is I have a feeling its gonna be huge” I said adjusting my sun glasses

“Seriously can’t wait for tomorrow baby girl ” jenny said as we did a highfive

Cody came running to me with his bucket

“Sawyer sawyer look I caught a crab in my sand castle , am gonna make him a prisoner at the castle dungeon ” he said dancing around

Crazy boy

“I hope there is room for your princess in the castle ” jenny teased as we burst out laughing

He didn’t burge instead he danced away with his crab

Jenny POV

After everyone had finished eating dinner we all retired to our various room

Sawyer and Miguel shared a room

While me and Anderson also shared a room

I walked into the bathroom for a good evening shower..

After brushing my teeth I relaxed into the jacuzzi tub for a while before changing into my PJs

I walked into the room only to find Anderson looking at me in a lustful way

“Hey hotty ” I said shyly

He stood up without answering me and walked towards me, soon we’re inch apart as his breath fanned my face

I was flushed

“Stop being shy baby ” he said in a husky voice as he bit my ear lobe making me shiver

He kept on doing it and started kissing me slowly with his hand around my waist my body became hot instantly

He helped me to the king sized bed as he pulled the rope of my nightie
Revealing my naked body

My cheek we’re red like tomatoes already, he trailed his palm softly on my body

Making me shutter.


Soon he was thrusting in and out of me as we moan in ecstacy

The feeling was something else,

I held on to him tightly as my finger sank deep into his skin

It was a memorable moment for me.

We both reached climax later he took me in his arm to the bathroom we had our bathes together before coming back to the bed and slept off

Miguel POV

Its graduation day tomorrow I can’t believe its here already,

Am happy and tensed too

Tomorrow me and Anderson made an arrangements to propose to the girls tomorrow

I scared I might get rejected by sawyer

But still I will keep my fingers crossed ⚔

Addicted To Him. Episode 121 to 123
Addicted To Him. Episode 111 to 115

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