August 1, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 121 to 123

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Addicted To Him. Episode 116 to 120


Written ✍ by feathers inspired

Episode 121

Sawyer’s POV

My alarm woke me up I screamed on seeing its morning already
Omg Omg

I don’t have anything to wear, oh uh its bad really bad

I better phone jenny ASAP. I sat up on my bed and dialed her line immediately

good morning best” she screamed

good morning jenny panick attack panic attack “I yell

calm down baby what’s wrong ” she asked

its grad day and photo day ion have anything to wear panic attack ” I yelled again

lol sawyer just chill out am sure there is something for you ” she calmly

i can’t calm down jenny I need to look my best “I said
Just then a soft knock landed on my room door I wonder who that is

gotta go jenny I will call you back ” I said and hang up

“Come in the door is not locked ” I said

And tie my hair in a nun

It was Miguel

“Good morning my queen ” he said

“Good morning Miguel ” I said looking forward as he had something at his back

“Hope your night went well dear” he asked

“Not really ion have anything to wear Miguel ” I pouts

He burst into laughter

“Really?! Is that why you sad?, girls and their issues anyway cheer up I got you something ” I said and handed the package to me

Oh my goodness oh my goodness

I can’t believe this, Miguel bought a dinner gown for me from Fancy’s fashion line

“Do You like it?? ” he asked with a smile

“Like? No I love them, you the best baby ” I scream and jumped on him.

“Common go get ready you don’t wanna be late for your own grad ” he said with s smirk


Miguel’s POV

Moments later we we’re all in campus as the graduation had started immediately after photo shoot

The graduation was a blast we we’re honored with some awards

Soon it was party time

Party after party, everywhere was blasting with music

Everyone danced with joy

I think its time, I signed the DJ and mc who stopped the music and turned off the lights

Everyone stopped dancing and started murmuring to them selves

Soon the lights came back on and was placed directly at me and Anderson

We walked towards sawyer and jenny but kneeling before them

I was nervous and tensed but I have to do it

“Sawyer I know have not been the perfect boyfriend you have always wanted, I was an asshole but you love me like that
You stayed with me even when my family was messed up you showed me what it takes to have fun for that I can’t love you less and would want to spend the rest of my life with you… Gush I don’t know how to this but please make me the happiest man on earth by being my wife.. Sawyer brown will you marry me?? ” I said nervously and opened the ring box

“Oh my God Miguel I…….

Anderson POV

“Baby I know we met in a short while and circumstances tried to pull us apart
But our love fought for us and here we today on this graceful presence,, here and now am asking you to be the mother of my kids.. Marry me jenny” I said

As my whole face was filled with sweat

My heart beat increased double time

“Gush Anderson I……


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Semi finale

Episode 122

Sawyer’s POV

Am I dreaming right now or is this some kind of joke

A glance at jenny she also was surprised

“Yes!!!! We shouted the same time and did a high five

The crowd cheered us including almighty principal Randall

Everyone was happy for us

I embraced Miguel as tears of joe flowed freely from my eyes

“Thank You so much sawyer for making me happy ” he whispers into my ear

So very soon I will addressed as mrs Perez

Jenny will be mrs Anderson, am joy knew no bound I can’t wait to tell my mom

We danced for a while before we left school for home.

“We did it sawyer!!! ” jenny screamed in the car making all of us laugh

I had to spank her butt to calm her, before she explode

We got to Miguel’s apartment but surprisingly everywhere was dead silent

Where could everyone be,.

We walked hand in hand to the front door

“I guess nobody is at home “, jenny said

“Chill guys ” Anderson said with a grin

“Open the door sawyer ” miguel said with a smile

I nodded and opened the door


“SUPRISE!!! everyone chorus

Omg ???? omg ????

Can this day get any better

“This is a dream come true ” jenny squeak and rushed my mom with hug


So my mom knew Miguel was gonna propose but she didn’t tell me.

Everything went well my whole family my friends

Including Anderson’s was here too

Jenny’s aunt came, Miguel really planned this so well.

Am soo happy finally everything is over am getting married

Am getting married!!!!!!

How happy can I be, this is joy of every mother to see her daughter get married am about to fulfill mine with the man of my dreams

“Can I have this dance my lady!! ” Miguel said bowing slightly

Miguel’s POV

“Can I have this dance my lady ” I said with a bow

She chuckled softly before taking my hands

We did the waltz dance before dancing to hip hop mix

“I love you sawyer ” I said and kissed her forehead

“I love you much more Miguel ” she replied

Just then the least person I wanted to see came, my mood changed instantly

“What do you want!? ” I said in between clenched teeth

“Miguel please let’s talk upstairs ” sawyer said and pulled me along while my dad trail behind


Thanks to sawyer I was able to listen to what he has to say and find out all. What he went through, he begged me for forgiveness which I later did because of sawyer

My family is once again complete thanks to sawyer brown she made everything possible

I owe her my life and wealth

.. Well wishers neighbors and friends came to congratulate us and some came with gifts.


Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 123

Author”s POV

“Do You Miguel Perez and Anderson Taylor take sawyer and Jennifer to be your lawfully wedded wives”, the priest asked

Miguel and Anderson we’re standing opposite jenny and sawyer

The two gentlemen looked dashing in their tuxedo suits

“Yes I do” they said the same time

“And do you sawyer brown and Jennifer Clark take this fine young men to be your lawfully wedded husbands? ” the priest asked again

” yes totally I do” the two friends chorus

And that was it the wedding was sealed and official

Their dreams to the with the ones they love came through

Even in hard times their friendship still stand ???? strong

They were typical example of family

Sawyer’s POV

Finally am married to Miguel, and we on our honey moon in Dubai

Anderson and jenny are in Paris

I miss all of them..

And yes am two months pregnant

Was reading a novel when miguel came out from the bathroom looking sexy in those bath robe

“Hey babe what are you doing? ” he asked with a wink

“Am bored”, I pouted

“Hmm I think I no what to do” he said and came on top of the bed and pull me to him with his hands on my waist firmly

He placed his lips on mine as we kissed passionately

He planted kisses on my neck leaving lots of hickeys

I moan with my eyes closed as he fondled with my b***bs before sucking on em

Soon we were naked .. He turned me over and started thrusting from behind

The pleasure was too much as we moan out load.

It was the best love making as we reached climax and collapse on each other

Later we went to shower and had another sex scenario in the shower before coming back to the room.

And laid in each others arm

The end

Addicted To Him. Episode 116 to 120

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