June 13, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 132

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He And Her V. Episode 133
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He And Her V. 


Written by O.S Feathers.


Episode 132


^ Camilla^ 


I lay at the hotel with my baby ,he’s so handsome and I loved him so much. 


He’s my world and my happiness. I’ll protect him with my life and would never allow anything negative ever befall him. 


The baby began to suck my b—-st while I just kept looking into his face. 


My phone buzzed and I picked. 


“Camilla ! ” Grace’s voice came through and I remained quiet. 


“Common! Camilla. Why are you this way? Am I this evil? Did you think I would do something bad to your child?” 


“Excuse me? ” 


“Common! Anyways , congratulations on your  successful delivery.” She said.  


“Thanks.” I said. “Can I hang up?” 


“Erm…yeah. I got what I need already. She replied and I hung up. 


I really do not understand what she meant by that ,though.


I waved the thought away and began to mediate happily about my child. 



About an hour later ,I heard a knock to my door and I wondered whom it could be.


Who else excpet Tucker. 


I stood from my bed and opened the door. To my utmost surprise ,it was Grace. 


I felt like closing the door on her but that might be rude…I don’t care if it is rude actually. 


But ,she might think I’m scared of her. I don’t ever want her to have that impression. 


“Camilla!” She called. 


“My name is ugly in your mouth. What do you come for ?” 


“Since you wouldn’t bring the baby home , I came to check on the baby myself.” She said.


“Interesting. ” I said. “When do you start caring about me. I’m sorry but I’m not showing you my baby.” 




“It’s my baby right? I’m not showing you. You would see him soon”. 


“Fine.” She sighed and looked away. 


“Can you leave now before I call the cops?” 


“Oh! It hasn’t gotten to that extent.” She said and took few steps back. “I’m leaving already ” she walked away. 


I closed the door and hurriedly went to where my phone is. I put a call across to Tucker immediately and explained what just happened to him. 


As soon as I dropped the phone ,the light of the room turned off all of a sudden and I looked around fearfully. 


What’s happening. 


I began to see and feel a blue mist fill the room simultaneously and inhaling the gas began to make me feel choked. 


What’s going on? How do this toxic gas penetrate here ? 


I looked at my baby and saw that he had being gasping for breath. 


Oh no! This is not happening. I ran hastily to the door and tried to open it but it was close. 




Who did you think is behind this?

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