July 21, 2021

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Korean Baddest Prince. Episode 1

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Korean Baddest Prince. Episode 2

Korean Bad Prince. 


Episode 1


Written by Feathers. 


^ Lisa ^


“I don’t care if you are a prince, I don’t care if you will be the next king. If you cross my path anywhere ,anyday. You will have it hot.” I told him and he’s stern face widened into an evil smile. 


He is the heir of the throne. 

He is the most charming of all princes. 

He is the most handsome , most sexy and most beautiful.

He is every women’s dream. 

He is adored and respectex by everyone. 

He is a bad boy but Lisa don’t care. 

He is Dae So. 


“How dare you talk to a whole heir to the throne this way? Have you gone out of your mind? Did you not know of how much power I’ve got?”He bragged as he stood. 


His standing alone is domineering, no wonder he easily threatens other maids in the palace.


” I’m Lisa. I’m not an ordinary maid…I mind my business but if any prince cross my path…I would not forgive them.” I boasted and walked around courageously too. 


He looked at me with so much anger. 


“I will make you my puppet for another three days, I will make my guards punish you severely right before me. I will let you long for food. I will watch you become weak at the mercy of hunger.” He boasted. 


I smirked and walked to him. 


“I don’t care.” I said and turned to walk away from him. 


‘Guards!” He called and two of his guards came into view Immediately. 


“Seize her and don’t give her food.” He commanded and they charged towards me. 


I did a back flit and maintained in a fighting position. The two guards laughed at themselves and charged to beat me but I knock them down in thirty seconds. 


“Gua…” He wanted to shout again but I covered his mouth with my palm. 


“Don’t dare me, boy.” I said and turned from him. 


“You dare call me a boy? You! You dare to place your filthy hands on mine…you…” He kept ranting while I walk out proudly. 


I’m the Lisa that do not give a f–k about a prince…


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Korean Baddest Prince. Episode 2

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