June 19, 2021

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Korean Baddest Prince. Episode 2

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Korean Bad Prince. 


(His Personal Maid. )


Written by Feathers. 


Episode 2. 




I heard his heavy foots behind me but I didn’t turn. I knew he was the one. 


“Guards !” I heard him call and other set of guards came into view. “Arrest her.” 


They rallied round me with their Spears and I knew that fighting armed men would be suicidal. 


I surrendered and I was arrested and kept in the palace at the prison. 


I sat there till night after which I heard a silent conversation between the guard guarding my stay at the prison and the person. 


The guard came with my sister about few seconds later and I knew at once that the individual the guard had being exchanging words with is my sister.


“Just two minutes!” He said to my sister and she nodded. 


My sister hurriedly stood before the prison gate and held unto the iron rod .


“Sister!” She called pathetically and I watched her with no expression. 


“How is mama?” I asked of my mother first. I love my mother so much and I would do anything to protect her. 


She can’t really work again cause she’s having some problems in the leg so I practically foot the bills at home. 


My sister that came to come greet me bears So seo no ,she’s my younger sister and the only sibling that I have. 



“Mama is fine.” She assured me while still maintaining a face that looked like one that would burst into tears anytime soon. “I was so sad when information reached us that you had being arrested by prince Dae So ” 


I nodded and leaned well on the gate of the prison. “I’ll be out soon. you do not have to be disturbed about me.” I said and she cleaned the tears that she had being fighting from falling off her face. 


The guard came into view and took her away. 


As long as my families are untouched , I have no problem. 




Very early the following morning ,I heard some heavy foots of warriors approaching the prison that I was. 


I adjusted from a lying position to a sitting position. They came to unlock the prison gate and took me out. 


I was taken before prince Dae So. 


“I believe you  enjoyed your night at the prison?” He asked 


“Sure and you? ” I asked. “Do the gods disturb you for punishing an innocent maid ?” 


He smirked wickedly and look to the face of one of his personal guard. 


“The gods are not with you.” He answered. “Henceforth ,you will be working as my personal maid.” 


“Why? I hate to work with someone like you.” I said boldly. 


“Take her out and get her dressed.” He commanded and they drag me out. 


Gosh! Me…his personal maid?

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