July 29, 2021

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Korean Baddest Prince. Episode 3

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Korean Baddest Prince. 



Episode 3


Written by O S Feathers. 


^ Lisa ^ 


I was dressed and given a room ,not too far from prince Dae So’s room. 


I wondered why he would choose me as his personal maid. It would be hard to make friends with other maids since my status has grown. 


I missed my mom and I wish I will be given the privilege to see her. There are many guards present around here ,it will be very hard to sneak home here. 


Unlike when I was a common maid ,I use to sneak out of the palace to give my mom some coins and play with my sister for about an hour before returning to the palace. 


But things have changed now.


 I really can’t do without seeing my mom. She’s old and gullible. 


Plus there are many bully drunkards around who might wanna harass my sister  just because I stopped showing up.


I sighed.


When it was dusk , every where was dark and I opened the door to my room. I saw two guards standing not too far from my room. 


I wondered if I should knock them down or actually try to convince them to let me leave the palace. 


I knew that the later thought might not really work so I went back inside and covered my face with a thick black scarf. I disguise myself and went behind them. 


I knock them down silently and find my way out of the palace. On getting home…I noticed the door were closed and it was dark. 


In order not to cause fear ,I knocked a number of times after which my sister came to open the door. 


I ran to my mom and hug her but I noticed she was not happy.


“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked as I sat beside her. 


My sister sat right behind me. 


“Prince Dae so sent his guard to us in the afternoon and requested that  both mamma and I should start coming to live in the palace and you know that may never be possible. ” My sister said. 


“Is he crazy? What did he want from you in the palace? ” I bursted out angrily. 


“My daughter!” My mom called and I looked at her face. “I told you the mystery behind why I will never return to that palace many years back. I would rather die than go back there.” 


“Mom! You would not die. I will see what I can do about it.” I promised them and began to hate the stupid prince Dae so more. 


Why in the world did he want my family in the palace.

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