July 29, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 10

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Loretta. Episode 9


(episode 10)



I left her room feeling  disappointed, 

why is she behaving as if s*x is her life, 

her brother is not advising her and she could not advise herself, 

me as her friend decided to advise her and she sent me out of her room, 

tonight I know she will go out again, 

that useless boy will come and pick her again and they will come back in the morning as usual.


As I was going downstairs to my room I saw Moses Victoria’s boyfriend coming toward me, I wore pink short and handles top,

 he was staring at me as I was coming down from the stairs and he was licking his lips as usual, 

I really hate this guy, he came close to me

Moses: hello, beautiful one, how about you kissing me

Me: me kiss you, in fact you are very stupid

I tried to move and he block me

Me: would you get out of my way

Moses: not until you kiss me

Me: as what? Even if in your dream I will never kiss a frog like you, please get out of my way

He tried to kiss me by force, 

then I push him and he held my hand and both of us fell down and I fell on top of him

Victoria: what the hell is going on here, Moses what is the meaning of this?

Me: Victoria let me explain

Victoria: I didn’t ask you

Moses: sweetheart, this slut here called your friend is a prostitute and a betrayal, she has been begging me to sleep with her but I always refuse, I didn’t want to tell you because she’s your friend and today when I came to meet you in your room I saw her coming down and I greeted her and then she tried to kiss me by force, I refuse and then she push me to the floor and climbed on top of me and she was trying to kiss me before you came.

Victoria: what! Loretta are you really my friend?

Me: Victoria can you at least allow me to talk before you conclude everything?

Moses: what will you say? If not…………

Me: will you shut up? I wasn’t talking to you

Victoria: are you telling my boyfriend to shut up? After what you did?

Me: Victoria I didn’t do anything, I haven’t done all those things that your boyfriend told you, the truth is he has been the one trying to sleep with me and……

Victoria: will you shut up, you bloody liar, you have been telling me to stop going out with my boyfriend while you are at my back trying to sleep with him, what kind of a friend are you

Me: Victoria, please believe me I can’t do such a thing to you, please try and……….

Victoria: shut up, just shut the fucking up, I don’t want to hear anything from you, after what I have done for you, I support you during your father’s burial, I saved you from the hands of that your wicked step-mother, I even allow my parent to shelter you, cloth you and even feed you and the only way to show appreciation is you trying to sleep with my boyfriend, you know what, go in there pack your things and leave my father’s house right now

Me: Victoria are you sending out of your father’s house?

Victoria: you heard me right just leave now!

Me: please Victoria just listen to me am telling you the truth

Victoria: I said leave my father’s house right now; I don’t want to see you again

Me: ok fine, I’ll leave but please is night already let me stay for tonight then I will leave very early in the morning please

Victoria: I said you should leave this house this minute

Me: please I can stay in the sitting room for tonight; don’t send me away this night please

Victoria: sweetheart

Moses: yes darling

Victoria: please come with me to her room let throw her things outside

Me: there will be no need for those because it won’t be necessary, don’t worry yourself, I will do it myself

Victoria: better

I went into the room, pack my things and came out

Me: Victoria thank you very much for all the good things you and your brother had done for me, please when your brother comes back my regard to him

Victoria: I will do that over my dead body, please just leave I don’t want to see you again because your presence irritates me.

I left her father’s compound,

 I was outside the gate when she and her boyfriend drove out she could not even have any mercy

Loretta. Episode 9

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